ucation goes in one ear and straight outrnthe other; a Commission for RacialrnEquality officer, visiting a Birminghamrnschool a few years ago, despairingly reportedrnthat “Twenty years of anti-racistrneducation have had no effect at all!”rnBut whatever British reaction therernmay or may not be in the future, thernaffectionately remembered Londonrnof Chaucer, Marlowe, Wordsworth,rnJohnson, Conan Doyle, Dickens, NoelrnCoward, and My Fair Lady is long gone,rnexcept from the tourist guides. Nowrncomes a London of disparate races andrnsocial and sexual minorities subsidizedrnand held together politically by inertiarnand a dwindling productive class madernup of liberal-minded natives. Althoughrnin some areas life will remain reasonablyrncivilized for the time being, elsewhere itrnwill get steadily worse (and not just forrnthe ever more outnumbered natives). Asrnthe dwindling class dwindles, the tiesrnthat still bind will loosen and loosen, untilrnthey are completely undone. That allrnthe hubbub of London life, past and present,rnmight be stilled forever is too awfulrna thought to think, but we must think itrnnonetheless. All things must pass, Irnknow, but why must this pass, and now?rnI think of all that I have seen and heardrnsince I came to London, and I am like arnlatter-day Roman, looking out fromrna lighted room over dark barbarianrnmarshes.rnDerrick Turner is a freelance writer inrnLondon.rnhoping to prevent the expropriationsrnthat had overtaken others. More thanrnone ex-pat had returned from shoppingrnin the capital, St. George’s, to confrontrnan “off-limits” guard outside his domicile.rnThere was no American embassy onrnboard and only a charge in Barbados.rnToday, with cruise ships pouring out passengersrndaily, many visiting the RonaldrnReagan monument opposite our ownrnabode, friends ask if we weren’t afraidrnduring this period.rnWe were not. At least not of thernCuban day (and night) workers who keptrna low profile and were policed by intelligencernoperatives from the celebratedrnDCI (Direccion General de Inteligencia).rnThey were, alas, a cowed, glum lot,rnwhose intent was to earn points, puntas,rnby such overseas assignments, whether inrnGrenada, Angola, Suriname, or SouthrnYemen. These points made them eligiblernfor perks on their return home,rnputting them at the head of the line forrna toaster or whatever else in their local supermercado.rnWhat they desired, andrnsurreptitiously acquired from us, wasrnelectronic gadgetry, transistors, calculators,rnand the like. A Grenadian on arnwork party would sell a digital watch to arnCuban trucker returning to Havana thernnext day. Being paramilitary the Cubanrncould avoid customs checks and sell hisrnloot in his homeland for five times whatrnhe’d paid for it.rnI watched batch after batch of thesernmilitary engineers brought down to thernPointe Salines strip in Russian trucks,rnmany still bearing Soviet insignia onrntheir sides, such was their confidence. Irnsometimes walked through their dormitoriesrnto chat with friends and observedrnthe AK-47s clipped beside each bunk,rnwhile down the road from us a shedrnopenly displayed Soviet SA-9 Gaskinrnsurface-to-air missiles and quadruplebarreledrnTSU anti-aircraft guns (whosernchief firing site has recently been maderninto the swimming-pool complex of arnluxury hotel). Having served in the militaryrnmyself, I felt sorry for these prisonersrnof communism. If you could turnrnHavana into a tropical Moscow, and arnhabanero into the sort of torpid tractorrndriver who crossed the road to supplementrnhis wretched rations (mainly panrny leche), you could presumably dornanything in the field of “human engineering.”rnBut looking back, it is sobering tornconsider the power of the Brezhnev/rnAndropov gridlock on the region atrnthis time. Havana’s Central AmericanrnBureau was announcing triumphrneverywhere and pouring daily filth onrnAmerica. Speaking at a “Working ClassrnAgainst Imperialism” conference in EastrnBedin, Jesus Montane, foreign relationsrnhead of Cuba’s Central Committee,rndeclared, “The revolutionary victories inrnLetter FromrnGrenadarnby Geoffrey WagnerrnSemper Fidel?rnIt is over ten years now since the lastrnCuban left Grenada. My wife and I happenedrnto own a retirement property onrnthe island less than a hundred metersrnfrom the huts put up to house the thousand-rnodd “freedom fighters” sent downrnby Fidel Castro (whom I met) to spreadrnthe Good Old Cause. During those fourrnyears (I979-I983) we maintained arnround-the-clock occupancy of our house.rnA common ground wherernFundamentdists, Catholics, andrnOrthodox Jews can stand togetherrnand fight the State Malignant!rnAttacking bubble-headed liberals isn’t enough. There is a new philosophy, a rational, uncontradictablernalternative for everything from the Big-Bang to Evolution. It’s In a novel that’s easy to read, CRATS!rnBaptists, Fundamentalists, Orthodox Jews are right; The Bible is literal truth.rnThe World was created, fossils and all, In 7 days, H O W ?rnHe made it out of 3-0 Fractals. In the beginning was the Word. Fractals are the echoes!rnFractals, building blocks of building blocks. 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