amians are now in a virtual reality ofnnonfear and nonanimosity, and Clinton’snfirm hand-on-the-tiller foreign policyntoward Cuba and Haiti merely worsenednethnic and racial hatreds. ManynSouth Floridians favored intervention innHaiti just to end Haitian migration.nBroward County today resembles pre-n1989 West Bedin: conscious of its differencesnand desiring to maintain them.nThe “non-Hispanic white” enclaves ofnDade are determined to become separatencities.nThe Ku Klux Klan has won in Miami,nhnagine that you hate foreigners but arenfar removed from the levers of power.nYou cannot stop the waves of immigrantsnfrom Third World countries. What is tonbe done? Keep the immigrants fromnleaving Dade! How? Encourage multiculturalism.nWith local governmentntrilingual, one incentive to master Englishnis gone. How can Jose leave hisnSpanish or Creole enclave until and unlessnhe speaks English?nIn Florida, Miami is loathed. Nobodynwants his town to resemble Dade in anynway, shape, or form. In Dade, politicalnand cultural liberalism are in the servicenof the Klan.nAlan R. Turin practices law in Miami,nlives in Broward County, and dreams ofnNorth Florida.nLetter FromnInner Israelnby Jacob NeusneinSorting Out Jew-Hatersn”The Jews” stand in people’s minds fornso many things that you can find theirndespisers in places where there are notnmany Jews around to hate—or evennenough to attract much attention tonbegin with. Take, for example, that outlyingnfringe of the settled world,.NewnZealand, where I spent last summern(winter in the Southern Hemisphere).nThe closest spot on earth to thenAntarctic, the South Island suffers anharsh winter, with cold gales sweeping upnfrom the south; its population, gatherednin just a few towns and cities on thenEast Coast, enjoys not only nature’sngrandeur—the magnificent SouthernnAlps, the rain forests on the West Coastnand the Tasman Sea—^but also nature’snearthquakes on a very regular basis. Thenpeople breathe air as polluted as Denver’snand, looking longingly to the warmnsun to the north, endure a winter gloomnthat compares with Labrador’s.nIt was here—among a people with impeccablenmanners as well as a cold intolerancenof difference, who are patronizingnto the Maori, scarcely pretending to toleratenChinese and Indians and Jewsn(American accents don’t fare all that wellneither)—that I encountered incidentsnthat some may class as anti-Semitic, andnencountered them often (three times innone month), personally, and directly.nWhat I heard were, if not anti-Semitic,nthen at least gauche and stupid remarksnabout Jews and Judaism untempered byneven a trace of embarrassment. This lednme to reflect on the varieties of dislike ofnthe unlike regarding Judaism. But, as alwaysnwhen it comes to the Jews, evennJew-hating gets complicated—becausenthere are haters and then there are haters.nSince few Jews live in Christehurch—nthere is a synagogue with scarcely a hundrednmembers, most of them secular andnmerely ethnic, many of them intermarriednand unlikely to raise another Jewishngeneration—nothing prepared me fornmy first encounter. Now, the fact thatnI’m Jewish is something that most peoplentake as an integral part of me, but likenmy nose or my left-handedness, notnsomething requiring comment. The initialnincident took place at the Universitynof Canterbury, where I was a visiting professornfor a couple of months (a wastednspell at a boring commuter college of nongreat distinction in most subjects). Innthe faculty lounge, I was introduced to ancolleague from one of the language departments.n”This is Jack Neusner, visiting fromnAmerica.”n”Oh, you’re the visiting ]ewn[emphasis his]!”n”What?” I said.n”Oh, I mean, the wandering Jew!”n”Don’t you know people don’t talknto each other that way?” Inreplied.nI wish I had thought of something morendevastating to say, but the experiencenof being told “Oh, you’re the ]ew” provednso alien that I had not the wit to respondnin kind. “And you’re the local Kiwinbigot, out of the museum of South Pacificncuriosities?”nPeople later reassured me that thenman is a Quaker and (therefore!)nwouldn’t hurt a flea, but is also the mostngauche person they know. Anyhow, hisncomments weren’t anti-Semitic, justndumb. I put it down to the isolation andnprovinciality of a professor in the outernAdams’ Amazing Discovery:nBaptists, Fundamentalists, and Orthodox Jews are right: The Bible is literalntruth. The world was created, fossils and all, in 7 days.nHOW? He made it out of 3-D Fractals. In the beginning was the Word.n3-D Fractals are the visible echoes. They make all we see.nWHY? Catholics are right. We have free will. So, Creation had to benmade in such a way that we couldn’t tell if He made it.nCRATS! explains it. And tells us where the races come from. It introducesnthe Brain Rank Theory of Reality. See yourself as the CRATS see you,nas a mid-level Field Beast (taxpayer) whose sole purpose is to be enslaved.nCRATS!, the novel so novel it needs its own glossary.nIf you thinkjo«’retired of excessive government,nwait ’til you see what the Sons and Daughters ofnShem, Ham, and Japeth do about it in … CRATS!nan Adams book.nTo order call: 1-800-OLD-DRUM VISA/MC acceptednOr send a check for $9.95; Two copies, $18.00 (includes postage & handling) to:nOld Drum Publishing, Box 401, Portersville, PA 16051.nnnMARCH 1995/39n