rich soldiers who would be coming.rnOnce the soldiers arrived, they were horrifiedrnto discover that the Americansrnwere not allowed off the base except forrnofficial duties. Near one of the manyrnAmerican bases scattered throughout thernTuzla valley, a beautiful new buildingrncontains a restaurant named “KaliforniarnPizza,” or something along those lines.rnThe building is remarkable for its glitterrnand for the fact that the restaurant doesrnnot have a single patron. The ownersrnclearly had hoped to cash in on thernAmerican troops, who have no choicernbut to dine in the Burger King andrnBaskin-Robbins facilities which the Armyrnhas installed on each of its bases.rnWalking through the streets, it is easyrnto spot the American soldiers. When offrnthe base, they are required to wear fullrnbattle gear, including a flak jacket, kevlarrnhelmet, and an Ml6. All movement requiresrnat least a three-truck convoy.rnEach Humvee has a crew-fed machinerngun, which is manned. Some of the soldiersrnI talked to agreed that these measures,rnwhile intended to ward off trouble,rnmay in fact invite it. But should someonerntake a shot at them, the soldiers arernready.rn”I can clear this square in 30 secondsrnif I have to,” bragged one SAW machinegunrnoperator while we chatted near thernlarge marketplace in the center of town.rnLike soldiers of all ages, they missrnhome and do not particularly like beingrnstationed in Bosnia. All are tired of garrisonrnlife.rnThe new imperialism is driven byrnmoney as much as by military force. Byrnthreatening to withhold funds, or thernoutright buying of support, the West hasrnestablished a government which is onrnthe verge of collapse. The recent electionsrnwere managed by OSCE, which isrnaffectionately known as the “Organizationrnfor Stupidity and Chaos in Europe.”rnPosters advertising the various polificalrnparties could be seen throughout the cityrnwith “USAID” or “OSCE” stamped inrnthe corner. The West did not pretend tornwant anything less than having its handpickedrncandidates win. In some parts ofrnthe country, the people do not even havernthe illusion of self-government. UnitedrnNations’ or OSCE diplomats managernthese places direcfly, such as the town ofrnBrcko, north of Tuzla.rnRecent history has shown that thernUnited States has anything but a Midasrntouch when it comes to maintaining governmentsrnin foreign countries. The fallrnof the Shah of Iran, of Marcos in thernPhilippines, and the entire history ofrnwhat was South Vietnam should give thernpresent leadership in Sarajevo pause.rnWith last September’s elections bringingrnvictory to many leaders not associatedrnwith the West, it would appear that thernpeople are rejecting what OSCE, thernUnited Nations, and the United Statesrnhave to offer. The division of Bosnia intorntwo “entities” does not answer thernquestion of how to get the various groupsrnto live together. There is no incentive tornresolve any disputes peacefully.rnThe teenagers with whom I worked allrnsaid the same thing: “We’ve seen war,rnand we want peace.” But they could notrndeny the fact that tensions between therngroups still exist. One older Serbian boyrnspoke to me about younger children,rnMuslims, who called him names behindrnhis back. During our conversation, hernnearly burst into tears; the frustration ofrnthe situation was almost too much forrnhim to bear. He is 16 years old.rnThe tension is evident in other ways.rnBehind the center at which I worked wasrna large Serbian Orthodox church. Thernstructure showed little, if any, signs ofrndamage, while the library next door stillrnhad the distinctive marks from the shellrnfragments which had hit it. However, onrna small wall surrounding the churchrnwere the words, “Keep on Rotting.”rnChristian Hummel, an ancient historyrnand reUgion double major at DartmouthrnCollege, is an editor of the DartmouthrnReview.rnLetter From Lagadornby John N. FraryrnThe 21st-century DoctoraternOn April 1, the Litcritological Subcommitteernof the multiracial, multicultural,rnmultidisciplinary ReA^isioning Committeernfor a 21st-century Doctorate presentedrnthe English Department with arnplan that will make Lagado Universityrnthe first in the United States with a doctoralrnprogram fully adapted to the needsrnof the 21st-century American graduaternstudent.rnThe plan integrates our copyrightedrnfail-safe grading system (which has beenrnsafeguarding graduate students againstrnany possibility of course failure sincern1984) with a totally reconceptualized setrnof terminal examinations and dissertationrnparameters for the new “Ph.D.lite.”rnThe subcommittee’s model for a revisedrnwritten examination emphasizesrnmultiple-choice and true/false “items”rn(grad students react negatively to thernword “question”). Graduate studentsrnwho have completed all of their coursernrequirements will be invited to respondrnto at least 200 items correctly. There arernto be no penalties for incorrect responses,rnbut there must be at least 200 correctrnreplies for a student to pass. The test is tornincorporate 1,500 items altogether, all ofrnthem based on readings from the GlibhrnNotes for Graduate Students series, includingrn175 which register a perfectrn1.000 on the Clinton/Kendall AmbiguityrnIndex (i.e., true/false “questions” whichrnare both true and false, and multiplechoicern”questions” with four correct, andrnno incorrect, answers). This arrangementrnallows a selection adapted to therncultural background, abilities, and academicrnpreparation of any possible doctoralrncandidate.rnAt the plenary session held to discussrnthe proposed written test, George S.rnStodgett, the department’s senior professor,rnobjected to the provision of Albanian,rnSpanish, and Creole versions on therngrounds that the purpose of the test is tornassess competence for a degree in English.rnA motion from Prof Ikuna Ghegrn(translated by her graduate assistant, JasonrnHasangjakai) to censure ProfessorrnStodgett for demonization, insensitivity,rnmonoculturalism, xenophobia, and anglolingualrnchauvinism passed 49 to one.rnThe Ph.D.l Oral and Activities Examinationrnconsidered at the second plenaryrnsession incorporates a predetermined listrnof multiculturally accessible items designedrnto ensure interrogatory equity andrnuniformity for all. In addition, Ph.D.lrncandidates will be able to select their examinationrncommittee. Representativesrnfrom the Omnium Gatherum of PeoplernUnwhite; Brethren Outed and Otherized;rnSistern Soured on Society; StiidentsrnAgainst War, Fascism, and Homelessness;rnthe Lagado University NativernAmerican (Truly Indigenous) Coalition;rnthe Front for Apodal/Unipodal VoicelessrnVictims of Verbal Violence; the Pan-IndigenernSurvivors Society for EducationalrnDiversity; the Outraged Feminists Front;rn40/CHRONICLESrnrnrn