Special OffernThe World Calendar • Le calendrler mondial • Der WeltkalendernEl Almanaque Mundial • W:^M • ^^i-^i ^.>-4:JinWe live in an increasinglyn••ic<: 3)i*«nTHE 1986 WCBILD CALENDARninterdependent world with distinctivenlocal, regional, linguisticnand religious customs. When wentravel, conduct business, or entertainnvisitors from other countries, wencan be more sensitive, productive andnrelaxed if we are aware of the culturalndifferences among us. The World Calendarnhas been created as a crossculturalnreference to assist communicationnand understanding onnTn»WbfMC»l«ndw^ • UicatwidrHrrTWndW • Of WWIkatwidw • BAhTwoaqw MundM • itw an international level.n”Certain calendars almost seem to leap out at one, not so much for their attractiveness, for almost all are attractive,nbut because of a special theme or use. This is about a calendar that fits that description. It is not on the best seller list,nand may not be easy to find. But worth the effort? Decidedly: yes! The World Calendar is intercultural- in six languagesnand is designed to help us communicate and understand on an international level. There is no color; it needsnnone. Its photos are striking, each chosen for its depiction of a world culture. Every school room and everynhome with a child in it should have one.” Minneapolis TribunenThis handsome calendar is lavishly illustrated withnold photos and engravings which reflect the world’sndiversity of cultural tradition. Each month brings annew theme based on an important cultural or religiousnmotif.nThe World Calendar is truly the first internationalncalendar. Printed in six languages-English, French,nGerman, Spanish, Japanese and Arabic.nThis large (11″ x 14″) calendar will be an attractivenaddition to any room – whether at home or the office.nincludes:n• Holidays of the world’s five major religions -nChristianity, Judaism, Islamism, Hinduism,nBuddhism – in six languages.n• National and bank holidays of a hundred nations.n• Each weekday and month in six languages.n• Each photo caption in six languages.n• An International Time Zone map.n• English radio broadcast frequencies throughoutnthe world.n• And an index to help you find, understand, andnteach celebration days throughout the globe.nAvailable now for $8.95. Better yet,norder two or more at only $8.50 andnsave $.75 on each.nExcellent for holiday giving.n”/ have just seen your World Calendar and was verynimpressed. In my position, I have many occasions tonsee many people of all ages who are interested in internationalnissues and in making the world a safenplace to live for everyone. Your Calendar is a wonderfulnaffirmation of the spirit of brotherhood that wenhope to share with all the people of the world.”nCharles Einhorn, Assistant Director CAREn7 take this opportunity to congratulate you for a usefulnwork, done with a high level of good taste.”nCultural Attache, Embassy of Braziln”7776 information contained within the World Calendarnwill permit us to advise our traveling friends andncolleagues of upcoming religious events in thencountries they are planning to visit”nCultural Attache, Embassy of Francen”Our subscribers have found The World Calendar tonbe an excellent resource for international businessnand travel.”nBill Bonner, Publisher, International LivingnWorld Calendar – CCnc/o Educational Extension SystemsnP.O. Box 11048, Cleveland Park StationnWashington, D.C. 20008nD Please send one (1) calendar at $8.95 + $1.00 postage ($9.95),nn Please send calendars at $8.50 + $.75eactinpostage ($9.25).nD Checker Purchase Order enclosed.nD Charge my credit card D Visa D MasterChargenCard No. Expiration DatenName ^ ^nAddressnCity State Zipnnn