dead Landon that: “The pride of bloodrnis a most important and beneficial influence.”rnIn a world speedily becomingrnhomogenized, it is vital that we retainrnsome vestige of exclusivity, so that whenrnseen in retrospect by some future Santavana,rn”Our distinction and glory, asrnwell as our sorrow, will have lain in beingrnsomething in particular, and in knowingrnwhat it is.” The landscape is real andrnsubstantial, more than just a pretty picture.rnWe own it, bec;ause our ancestorsrnhave fertilized it, and we become awarernof the need for its preservation; ourrncountry is real, a long saga of discrete, diversernthreads blending and yet retainingrntheir distinctiveness; we are venerable,rnand valuable in our own right; and thernwhole world becomes clearer and morerncolorful all at once.rnDerrick Turner is a freelance writer inrnLondon.rnLetter From Moscowrnby Lawrence A. UzzellrnReform From WithinrnAcross Serpukhvskaya Street from myrnapartment is a vintage Soviet-stylern”Palace of Culture,” its blank concreternwalls topped by an immense neon sign.rnTen years ago it offered lectures on classrnconsciousness to factory workers; now itrnhouses a discotheque, which playsrnAmerican rock music until 6 A.M. Tenrnyears ago an order from the district partyrncommittee would have served as a dernfacto antinoise ordinance. Now myrnneighbors and I just use earplugs. ThernRussian language does not have a wordrnfor “privacy,” and the average Russianrnstill does not expect to have much controlrnover his environnient. The countryrnIS still a place of ubiquitous loudspeakers,rnwhich are now available to peoplernwho call themselves “biznesmeny” butrnwho actually have raore in commonrnwith Beltway bandits or Tammany Hall.rnThe inherently collectivist tendencies ofrnrock music fit rather well into this setting:rnRussia has subjected me to asrnmuch compulsory rock-listening—onrnAeroflot, in Metro stations, even at thernexclusive Menatep Bank—as my collegernHeb Us FightrnOur southern trn0 Saverneritage!rn”Civil Rights” groups have launched a campaign to eliminaternALL symbols of Confederate history and heritage, including thernremoval of all Confederate monuments from public property!rnIf you’re ready to fight back, then Join A Winning Team!rnThe Heritage Preservation AssociationrnHPA is a nonprofit, national membership organization thatrnutilizes educational, legal and political resources to protectrnSouthern symbols. Southern culture, and Southern civil rights.rnIn Georgia we educated votersrnand lobbied the General Assembly.rnWe defeated an anti-flag boycottrnand a liberal governor to help savernthe Georgia flag. We endorsed andrnhelped elect several pro-flag staternsenators and state representatives.rnIn Virginia we defeated attempts torncensor the movie “Gettysburg,” helped save the state songrnand are fighting to return the Confederate flag to thernDanville Confederate Museum. We endorsed and helpedrnelect a city council member who supports our efforts.rnIn South Carolina we lobbied the General Assembly torndefeat an anti-flag compromise and we successfully opposedrntwo lawsuits that would have removed the Confederate flagrnfrom the State House. We lobbied and helped save GeneralrnWade Hampton Boulevard from being renamed MartinrnLuther King Boulevard.rnIn North Carolina we are seeking legal action againstrnvarious school systems that discriminate against childrenrnwho wear or display Confederate symbols.rnAnnual Membership of $39.95 includes a bi-monthlyrnnewsletter, special membership discounts and accessrnto HERITAGE-BBS, a nationwide computer system.rnMention this ad and save 10% (VISA, Mastercard, AMEX)rnTo join by phone or request more information, callrn800-TO-DIXIErnHPA • RO. Box 98209 • Atlanta, GA 30359rn(404) 928-2714 • Fax (404) 928-2719rnMAY 1995/41rnrnrn