Meanwhile—surprise, surprise —securit}-rnguards and eustodians reported recurringrnviolent incidents in that department’srnclasses.rnThanks to the nationwide policy ofrn”mismatching,” chronicled by ThomasrnSowell in Inside American Education,rnCUNY is at the bottom of a pyramid ofrnblack failure. For over 30 years, admissionsrnofficials have systematically “mismatched”rnblack applicants, admittingrnthem to schools for which they were unqualified,rnand thus setting them up forrnfailure. As a result, black graduationrnrates remain at 29 percent nationally,rnhalf the white rate. Even mediocrernAmerican-born black students avoidrnCUNY like the plague. They know thatrnmore prestigious schools are sure to admitrnthem and generouslv subsidize themrnas well. Their presence, however brief,rnboosts “elite” school minority enrollmentrnfigures and thus officials’ selfesteem,rnwhile contributing to black studentrnbitterness and a privately acknowledgedrnbelief in black inferiorit}’ amongrnwhite students, instructors, and administrators.rnPrior to 1970, City College of NewrnYork (CCNY), the Harlem-based “jewelrnin CUNY’s crown,” had tougher standardsrnthan Harvard College and producedrnmore Nobel laureates than anyrnother American undergraduate institution.rnEarly in this centur)’, desperatelyrnpoor Jewish boys pursued profane learningrnwith a religious fervor at CCNT. Atrnthe same time, as James Traub reportedrnin Cit}’ on a Hill: Testing the AmericanrnDream at City College, CCNY’s neurotic,rnargiuiientative Jews utterly lacked thernsocial skills so prized by the Ivy League.rnThe’ combined intellectual brilliancernwith a working-class toughness sincernburied under layers of arriviste (think:rnWoody Allen) and multicultural revisionism.rnIn A History of the Jews in America,rnHoward M. Sachar recalled that thernsame slums that spawned CCNYs firstrnJews also produced many of the era’srndominant boxers (e.g., Al McCoy, Abern”Battling” Levinsky, Benny Leonard)rnand most ‘icious gangsters (“Dutch”rnSchuitz, Louis “Lepke” Buchalter, Abern”Kid Twist” Reles).rnInitially, two merit-blind patronagernsvstems blocked the path of Eastern EuropeanrnJews: the Iv League/Seven Sistersrnworld run by WASP “bluebloods”rnand New York’s shanh’ Irish Catholic system,rnriui through Tammany Hall’srnDemocratic machine. As Chris Mc-rnNickle chronicled in To Be Mayor ofrnNew York, in making hiring and promotionsrnfor city jobs incumbent upon passingrnobjective tests, the 1916Civil SendeernLaw broke the Irish monopoly. CCNYrnwas the path to those merit-tested jobs.rnMeanwhile, the anti-Semitic admissionsrnand hiring cjuotas instituted during thern1920’s at the nation’s predominantlyrnProtestant private colleges ensured thatrnover 90 percent of CCNY’s male studentsrnand Hunter College’s female studentsrnwere Jews, and caused New York tornhave the nation’s best-educated corps ofrnpublic school teachers.rnAs Roger Starr observed in The Risernand Fall of New York City, a series ol activistrnmayors, most notably Robert Wagner,rnJr. (1954-1966), squandered the postwarrneconomic boom on massive socialrnprograms and then mollified the middlernclass by creating entitlements and administrativernjobs to inflate its already risingrnstandard of living. Nev’ York’s Irishrnand Jews profited most from those emoluments.rnMoving to the suburbs, theyrnsent their children to overpriced privaternuniversities: the Irish kids to Catholicrnschools, and the Jews to the Ivy League,rnwhich had dropped its anti-Semihc quotas.rnDuring the fiscal crisis of 1974-75,rnthe state put the cit)- in the receivershiprnof the Municipal Assistance Corporation,rnand CUNY began charging tuition.rnPrior to World War II, there was nornCUNY system. After the war, returningrnsoldiers received hard-earned educationalrnbenefits under the C.I. Bill. But therntv’pical veteran was no rocket scientist.rnNew colleges accommodated him. Ridingrnthe national wave of public-collegernboondoggles, and buoyed by the cult ofrnprofessionalism, the civil rights movement,rnand the technocratic “multiversitv”rnmovement (led by sociologist andrnLIC-Berkelev President Clark Kerr), therncity instituted John Jay (1967) andrnLehman (1968) colleges, and the blackrncolleges, York (1966) and Medgar Eersrn(1969). (Like the Social Cospel’s secularrnchurch, the civil rights/New Left visionrnforesaw the universih’ as serving a myriadrnof non-cognitive functions, and ultimatelyrnrevolutionizing, liberating, and savingrnsocietv’.) Medgar Evers proved so horrendousrnthat it managed to lose its fouryearrnaccreditation and now is a two-yearrnschool, much to the chagrin of its conspiracy-rnobsessed, Afrocentric keepers.rnThe same period also saw a boom inrncommunity colleges: Bronx (1957),rnQueensborough (1958), Kingsboroughrn(1963), Borough of Manhattan (1964),rnHostos (1968), LaCuardia (1971), andrnStaten Island (1976, but since expandedrnto include both two and four-year components).rnAs a matter of economic survival,rncommunity colleges introducedrnthe practice of “open admissions.” Eachrnnew second-rate school further erodedrnthe dominance of CCNY and HunterrnCollege. The burgeoning empire wasrnconsolidated in 1961 as the centrally administeredrn”City University of NewrnYork.”rnAs James Traub has noted, white laborrnimion leader Harry Van Arsdale was perhapsrnthe crucial ally of open admissionsrnin the 1960’s. hutially, the children ofrnVan Arsdale’s Catholic rank-and-filernflooded into CCNY during the 1970’s,rnand later filled citv’ agency and teachingrnjobs.rnWith over 50 percent of U.S. residentsrnnow attending college, Jews are disproportionatelyrnrepresented in the snobbyrnstudent bodies and faculties of schoolsrnsuch as New York University, Columbia,rnand Princeton. If nothing else, today’srnWASP-imitating, GPU Jews possess thern”social .skills” their forebears lacked.rnSome 30 percent of OPU student rollsrnare composed of second-raters for whomrnadmissions standards were waived: alumnirnand facultv brats, affirmative actionrncases, and athletes. Cheating is big business,rnand has been refined to a science.rnAs a result of the growing irrelevance ofrnintellect in academia, I often encounterrnOPU-trained, tenured instructors of Germanrnliterature who can’t speak German,rnand “specialists” in German philosophyrnwho can’t read the language.rnIn 1994, over 80 percent of Princeton’srngraduating class received honors.rnLast October, CUNY Vice-ChancellorrnHerman Badillo’s reaction to the revelationrnthat 50 percent of Brooklyn College’srngraduating class had received honorsrnwas, “Thev can’t all be geniuses!”rnLike CUNY’s OPU-trained full-timers,rnBadillo had no such qualms aboutrnPrinceton.rnIn 1996, I trained as a “rater” on thernCUNY Academic Certification Examinationrn(ACE), a future graduation requirement.rnIn the AGE’S quantitativernsection, pie charts showed that fat contentrnin the American diet had risen fromrnan aerage of 12 percent in 1910 to an averagernof 42 percent by 1960. Many studentsrnresponded that the percentage ofrnfat had risen “30 percent.” The halfdozenrnOPU-trained facultv I queried allrnSEPTEMBER 1998/39rnrnrn