additional sacrifices to reenroll the childrnin private school for the third grade,rnwhere she thrived anew.rnDuring the early 1990’s, the citvrnplanned an Afrocentric Ujamaa Instituternrestricted to black (and Hispanic, i.e.,rnhonorary black) boys, and hiring exclusivelvrnblack men. The threat of a courtrnchallenge caused the Board to allow forrnblack and Hispanic females, as well. Officiall}’,rnthe school does not exist at present.rnIf Chancellor Rudy Crew has his way,rnBrawleyesque hoaxes and Ujamaa Institutesrnwill no longer be necessary to ridrnNew York of the plague of white teachers.rnFor Jeff Howard has come to town.rnHoward is a racial re-educator who madernover one million dollars in Tacoma,rnWashington, and Sacramento, California,rnoff contracts let by Rudy Crew, thenrnin charge of the local school systems.rnLike Bill and Hillary, Crew and Howardrnare a “two-for-one, blue-plate special.”rnJeff Howard’s Lexington, Massachusetts-rnbased Efficacy Institute seminarsrninstruct white teachers that they arernracists. In The World According tornHoward, there are only two kinds ofrnwhites: confessed racists and closet cases.rnHoward and Crew are convinced thatrnwithout ever using racial epithets, whiternteachers make black children fail, bv projectingrnattitudes of failure onto them.rnSince no e’idence backs up such vaguernclaims, there is no defense against them.rn”Confessing” that one is a racist could berncause for one’s immediate termination.rnYet a teacher who is taught to doubtrnher own motives, and whose studentsrnare encouraged to suspect her of racismrnand disrespect her, cannot function.rnHoward’s seminars violate whites’ constitutionalrnrights to privacy, freedom ofrnopinion, due process, and equal treatmentrnunder the law. Were he honestrnenough to draw the conclusions thatrnnecessarily follow from his premises, hernwould come out and say that only blacksrnmav teach black students. Besides beingrnillegal and racist, the same reasoningrnwould preclude black teachers fromrnteaching nonblack children.rnWhile they are abusing white teachers,rnEfficacy’s facilitators seek to increasernblack children’s self-esteem, which willrnpresumably improve their performance.rnJeff Howard’s program recalls the 1989rnand 1991 pedagogy plans by blackrnsupremacists Leonard Jeffries and AlirnMazrui, of City College and the StaternUniversity at Binghamton, respectively.rnSponsored by then-New York StaternCommissioner of Education ThomasrnSobol, the plans sought to raise the selfesteemrnof black children through teachingrnfiction as history and abusing whiternchildren. In all such plans lurks the spiritrnof Frances Cress Welsing.rnAs Diane Ravitch recendy reported inrnculturefront magazine, rather than improvingrnacademic skills, self-esteem pedagogyrnresults in black students who arernpoor at science thinking thev are good atrnit. Teachers have complained vociferouslyrnin school districts where Howard’srnmethods were tried. UFT spokesmanrnRon Davis told me last June, “We knowrnthat a lot of our members are concernedrnabout the usefulness of [Efficacy]. Thernchancellor has assured us that it is notrngoing to be brought in wholesale, and asrnsuch we do not feel obliged to make anrnassessment of it at this point.” Board ofrnEducation Spokesman Frank Sobrinornand Chiara Colletti ignored repeated requestsrnfor comment on Jeff Howard (asrnwell as the Rita Altman case). Efficacy isrnquietly being brought in, one district at arntime, to avoid the appearance of a conflictrnof interest on Chancellor Crew’srnpart—or of a brainwashing campaign.rnIn The Great School Wars, Ravitchrnnoted that for over 100 years, New York’srnpublic schools have seen one group afterrnanother of impoverished immigrants orrnmigrants entrust their children to teachersrnwho looked down on them, evenrnwhen both were members of the samernrace or religion (Protestants teaching thernIrish; German Jews teaching RussianrnJews; American blacks teaching blackrnWest Indians), yet when the teachersrnwere competent and the children motivated,rnthe kids thrived.rnSince the 1960’s, the Board of Educationrnhas named open racists to prominentrnpositions. Jim Sleeper has notedrnthat former Deputy Chancellor BasilrnMchawi (godfather of the Ujamaa Institute)rncalled for a “racial revolution,”rnwhile former Board member AdelaidernSanford sponsored pamphlets affirmingrnblack moral supremacy. Both are membersrnof the Frances Cress Welsing schoolrnof black supremacy and racial genocide.rnOne of the dirty little secrets of NewrnYork’s public schools is that thousandsrnof teachers are functionally illiterate.rnMeanwhile, according to figures releasedrnin June 1996, student literacy declinedrnby 12 percent over the previous year.rnAnd things are always much worse thanrnreported, as tens of thousands of studentsrnin special education and bilingualrnclasses are routinely kept out of the sample.rnIn many of the most self-esteem orientedrndistricts, 70 percent of studentsrnincluded in the sample read below gradernlevel. Requiring all present and prospectiverncity teachers to pass comprehensivernliteracy tests would constitute radicalrneducational reform.rnThousands of black parents have “voted”rnon self-esteem pedagogy by removingrntheir kids from the public schools, includingrnProtestants who have enrolledrntheir children in Catholic schools.rnMeanwhile, poor black public schoolrnchildren who excel at English and mathrnare accused of acting “white,” and arerneven beaten by other black kids. Butrnwhite racism is the cause of all blackrnwoes. Got it, Ms. Altman?rnNicholas Stix is a writer living inrnNew York.rnM OVING?rnTornassurernuninterruptedrndelivery ofrnCHRONICLES,rnplease notifyrnus in advance.rnSend changernof addressrnwithrnthe mailingrnlabel fromrnyour latest issue ofrnCHRONICLESrnto:rnSubscriptionrnDepartmentrnCHRONICLESrnP.O. Box 800rnMount Morris,rnIllinois 61054rnMARCH 1997/41rnrnrn