write, the Fell Darkness is Rising: BlackrnRiders, like circuit preachers from thernPit, straddling side-saddle, preach thernNew Gospel of Unisex Deity. A Catholicrnbishop in the Northeast announces arnnew gender-inclusive liturgy, while Evangelicalrnorganizations dedicated to removingrnthe last remnants of male headshiprnin church and family gain ground.rnHuman egalitarianism has replaced thernsummum bonum of the Gloria Dei, andrnreligious colleges press on toward thernNew Order bv adopting inclusive languagernguidelines. Says one; “For manyrnpersons, both male and female, Jesus’rnaddress of God as ‘my/our Father’ has arnmeaning which transcends the otherwisernlimiting male image. For others, the designationrnof God as ‘Father’ has such distinctrnmasculine dimensions that thernmore inclusive designation of God asrn’parent’ expresses their understanding ofrnGod’s care more appropriately.” Meanwhile,rnone of the lesbians in residence atrnour institution passes out a local homosexualrnnewsrag, informing us of AIDSrnand lesbian safe-sex practices. Wherernfeminism is, can sodomy be far behind?rnOne local art display commemoratingrnWomen’s History Month last yearrnconsisted of the following “works of art”:rn”Transference”—two man-shaped targetsrnset behind broken windowpanes;rn”Magic Isn’t Always an Illusion,” depictingrna brightly colored collection of perverselyrnornamented children’s toys—rnblocks with nails through them, a littlerndoll chopped up and put in a metal box;rn”Addicted to Pain” continues the brokenrnwindow and chopped-up doll motif;rn”It’s all in her head 11″ contains a dimrnshadow-figure impaling a woman—allrnoveriaid with chains, wire mesh, and a littlernfigurine hanging by the neck. Delightful,rnisn’t it? But there’s more. “IrnCan’t Wake Up” displays a woman beingrncrushed under some strange device ofrntorture—yellow, black, and blood-redrnimages are overlaid with torn lace. Nailsrnare driven into the creature’s heart whilernNazgul-like Shades lurk behind. In “HasrnAnyone Seen This Child” is a hint ofrnincest, a montage that provokes despairrnas one sees the repeated picture and noternof a child saying: “I am a good little girlrnworthy of love. I am not responsible forrnthe bad things that happened. I amrntelling the truth.” Yes, it is powerfulrnfeminist art, but it is also sick. Brokenbrained.rnIt’s all m her head and she can’trnwake up. It is womanhood turned intornitself; a cancer of the uterus, imaginativernhysteria, a snake pit.rnCompared to this, Tolkien’s utterlyrnmasculine literary dreams seem almostrndelicate and feminine: his touching displaysrnof friendship, loyalty; of SamrnGamgee holding Frodo Baggins’ handrn(nothing hobbit-erotic here); of domesticrnlife and self-sacrifice, of duty andrnElvish beauty. Nor does the modernrnwoman-mind reflect those three Tolkienrnimages of the feminine: Galadriel, EKenrnqueen, awesome incarnation of otherwoddliness;rnFowyn of Rohan, Rider ofrnthe Mark, a brave Joan of Arc figure whornslays the King of the Ringwraiths but isrnherself conquered by the love of Eiramir,rna Warrior; the Entwives, creatures whornlove the domestic. “For the Entwivesrndesired order, and plenty, and peace (byrnwhich they meant that things should remainrnwhere they had set them). So thernEntwives made gardens to live in. Butrn[the] Ents went on wandering.”rnModern feminism expresses somethingrnmore tangibly sad: the almostrnphysical emanation of the female mindrnripped apart by a dark vision. Ore thinking.rnAnger. Hatred. Loathing of Nature.rnNecromancy. Revulsion af naturalrnorder. Lesbianism. Disgust at the maternal.rnRape. Madness. Night. Dismemberedrnbabies. Emptiness. As BenrnBrowne points out in Kiss of Eve—Kiss ofrnDeath, “The affinity of the feminist spiritrnfor death . . . is almost uncanny. . . .rnFeminism, as intoned and acted out inrnthe culture of the Western Worid, is thernbearer of a hostile spirit inherently inimicalrnto the spirit of life.”rnFeminists are not happy people. Butrnhappiness is possible, as Tolkien hasrnshown, in romance. Only the fairy-talernworld can reconstruct mental order andrnimaginative peace. In this sterile modernrnworld, like a dream sent from thernDark Lord, men and women are trappedrnin Two Towers, separated from eachrnother and in need of a holy, and terrible,rnadventure called family life. Feminism isrna spell, a bane, a curse. Women are likernqueens who have come under its poisonrnsway. Men need to be heroes and fightrnback, to lead, to woo. Dragons die whenrnknights appear. The War of the Sexesrnawaits the return of the King. The battlernof the marriage bed awaits the Fellowshiprnof the Ring.rn]ames L. 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