Letter From SannDiegonby Barbara McCarthynWelfare and IllegalnImmigrationnTwo San Diego police officers, respondingnin the early morning darknessnto a call that a school was being burglarized,narrived just as two suspects werenfleeing into a nearby canyon. As thenSan Diego Union reported, the officersndid not plunge into the canyon innpursuit — the terrain was dangerous,nnight visibility almost zero, and thenofficers didn’t know -if the suspectsnwere armed — but instead called outnthe standard warning, in English, thatnif the suspects didn’t return voluntarily,nthey would send in their trainednGerman shepherd. No response, sonthey loosed the dog.nThe dog soon found a man,nclamped his teeth firmly on his leg, andndidn’t let go until the officers pullednhim off, which is precisely what suchndogs are supposed to do. However, thenman the dog found was not a burglar,nbut an illegal alien from Mexico, partnof a small group of illegals sleeping innthe canyon. The native of Oaxacandidn’t hear the warning call, andnwouldn’t have understood what wasnsaid anyway, because he spoke nonEnglish — nor Spanish, in fact, onlynthe dialect of the Mixtec Indians.nThe police promptly radioed for annLIBERAL ARTSnLAWSUITS AND LOVERSnA 29-year-old woman indentifying herselfnonly as Jane Doe told the ChicagonTribune last October that she felt ann”injustice” had been done to her whennshe contracted herpes from her boyfriendnwho had slept with another woman.nDoe has filed a lawsuit seeking atnleast $700,000 in damages, chargingnthat the woman had an obligation toneither tell her partners of her medicalncondition or abstain from sex altogether.n36/CHRONICLESnCORRESPONDENCEnambulance to take the man to thennearest emergency room, where manynstitches were taken in his leg. He spentnsome twenty hours at the hospital, wasngiven a pair of crutches, some busntokens, and told to return for follow-upntreatment.nQuestions arise: who will pay for thenambulance run, or the hospital treatment?nSometimes hospitals put innclaims, to one or another governmentnagency when there is neither moneynnor insurance to cover costs. If thenclaims are denied, hospitals and privatenambulances have little choice but tonrecoup their losses by raising the ratesnof paying patients. In this case, anpersonal injury attorney surfaced innless than two days, planning to sue thencity of San Diego on behalf of theninjured man. If he wins, taxpayers willnpick up the tab.nCalifornia has the largest number ofnillegal aliens of any state in the country,nthough there is no accurate figure onnjust how many there are. It is almostnimpossible to get accurate figures onnthe costs that taxpayers pick up, butnthere are clues.nIf someone is injured in an autonaccident and his life is in danger, if henhas been stabbed or shot during a fight,nor if a child is seriously hurt in somenmanner, all are normally treated evennif the hospital finds that there is no waynthe victim can pay for the services.nHow can one refuse to treat a humannbeing in critical need of care? In onenway or another, the costs are picked upnby someone else, by taxpayers or othernpadents. If illegal aliens crossing thenborder are hurt or raped by a bordernbandit, they are taken to a hospital onnthis side of the border, and someonenelse picks up the tab.nMany Mexican women come acrossnthe border illegally to have their babies.nHospitals do not turn away someone innlabor just because she has no money orninsurance, so the woman will pay nothingnfor services received. Some mothersnreturn south of the border promptly,ncontent that the child will be able tonclaim U.S. citizenship when the neednarises. Others, including entire families,nstay here because of the welfarenbenefits. Because the baby is automah-nnncally an American cihzen, he or she isnentitled to all the giveaway programsnthat needy citizens receive: Aid tonFamilies of Dependent Childrenn(AFDC), food stamps, Medicaid.nA few years ago, the U.S. SupremenCourt ruled that children of illegalnaliens are entitled to the same educationnas an American citizen, and alongnmuch of the entire Southern border,nthe numbers of new students are sonhigh that many school districts shouldnbe adding as much as a classroom everynday, were they to try to keep up withnattendance. They can’t afford to donthis. Moreover, there is an unknownnnumber of children who, using falsenaddresses in the United States, crossnthe border everyday to attend Californianschools. There can be twenty-fivenor more youngsters all claiming thensame address for school records. Whennasked why school districts don’t checknup on this and deny Mexican nationalsnuse of the schools, the usual responsenis, “We don’t have the resources to donthe checking.’,’ Many think they don’tnwant to sort them out, because eachnschool district receives an average dailynattendance fee from the state for everynchild, and it keeps more teachers employed.nA certain percentage of illegal aliensnenter this country for the express purposenof engaging in criminal activity.nThe massive drug activity is widelynknown, but there is much more. Therenis rampant auto theft, burglaries ofnhomes and businesses, and the fullngamut of crimes against the person.nA judge in Orange County hasnfound that at least 36 percent of hisndocket is filled with cases involvingnillegal aliens who have been arrestednfor felonies. A recent study in SannDiego County found that 41 percentnof those arrested for felony crimes arenillegals. At any given time in SannDiego County jails, about 15 percentnof prisoners have immigration holds onnthem. There are 17 known gangs fromnBaja, California, who cross the bordernto commit their crimes, up to andnincluding homicide. Federal and statenprisons, as well as county jails, have anhigh percentage of illegals in theirncensus; some surveys show that onen