Algeria would remain French, arguingnthat this might be possible if Francenwere willing to try an American experimentnin her restive North Africanncolony. What could be more shockingnthan for an intellectual to suggest thatnFrance ought to have kept her colonies?nOnly to propose that it mightnsuccessfully and happily do so by introducingnprinciples borrowed fromnAmerican industry and labor relations!nEven in 1980, long after anticolonialismnhad become an unquestionedndogma all over the world, provokingnmandatory Western mea culpas whenevernmentioned, Bruckberger still hadnthe audacity to claim that France’snengagement in Algeria and the Algerians’ncentury of cooperation withnFrance were honorable, a proud pagenin history. Although I have not comenacross any remarks by Bruckberger onnthe topic of South Africa, I suspectnthat while he would on the one handnbe profoundly aware of the faults ofnSouth Africa and of the atrocity ofnapartheid, he would on the other handnconsider it cruel as well as cowardly fornthe white government to yield to internalnagitation and outside pressure, preciselynbecause that would mean abandoningnmillions of Africans tonrevolutionary chaos, bloodshed, andntotalitarian tyranny. Sentiments suchnas those Bruckberger expresses, as wellnas my own suggestion as to how henmay think with respect to South Africa,ndare hardly be thought, much lessnstated, in political, academic, or religiousncircles anywhere in the “Christian”nWest. In the political and economicnrealms as well as in churchncircles, the Western mind is dominatednby the smug impotence so aptiyncharacterized by Bruckberger: eunuchsnproud of being castrated. This remarkablenDominican monk and honorarynForeign Legionnaire has shown that itnis possible to be celibate without beingnemasculated—an admirable lesson innan age when so much of our intellectualnworld seems to be bent on demonstratingnthat it can be sexually promiscuousnand “totally depraved” whilenremaining morally impotent, sexuallynsordid, and spiritually sterile.nHarold O.J. Brown is pastor of thenEvangelische Kirchgemeinde in Klosters,nSwitzerland, and a contributingneditor.nccnLetter Fromnthe Heartlandnby Jane GreernThe Bismarck BypassnIn their own quiet way, arts activitiesnare as vigorous in the Midwest asnanywhere else, a fact that few seem tonrealize—including Midwesterners.nA year ago I was privileged to escortnan emigre lecturer around my state forna week. At one evening’s talk he impetuouslynintroduced me as “not onenof your long-haired Greenwich Villagenpoets” but one who “edits and publishesna famous poetry magazine.” Nown”famous” is a relative term, and mynrelatives have always been generousnwith their support, so what could I donbut blush and signal to the man to getnon with it?nAfter the lecture, a woman rushednup to me and breathlessly started innabout poetry: how she’d written itnsince she was this high, had beennpublished in some impressive places,nhad been looking for a magazine justnlike mine—and would I read some ofnher poems? “Glad to,” I began, andnhad to stop her almost bodily fromnrunning off to her apartment to haulnthe trunk (apparently) back to me.nPleading with her to mail it—thendeathless plea of all editors—I scribblednmy box number on a scrap ofnpaper.nShe allowed me to lay the treasurenin the palm of her hand—then lookednat it and then up at me in polite butnobvious dismay.n”Oh, you’re not out of New York?”nshe asked this North Dakota native,naffecting nonchalance.n”Nope. Bismarck,” I affirmed,nswelling with pride.n”Mmmmmmm. Neat,” said she,nbacking away. Later I saw her crumplenup something white and drop it into anFicus benjamina.nI would rather live here than anywherenelse, but we Midwesterners are sometimesndisadvantaged, underprivileged,ndiscriminated against. (Where z’s thenSupreme Court when we need it?)nTake arts grants: We don’t get ournshare. Our state legislatures haven’tnenough of a population at their disposalnto tax for large sums of money. Andnthere just aren’t many gay Hispanicnleft-handed Vietnam veterans publishingnquarterly journals in this neck ofnthe woods, so most Federal moneyngoes to New York and Berkeley. I writenthis as a one-time recipient of $500nNew From the Occasional Papers SeriesnDisarming America’s Will to Defend ItselfnbyJohnA. Howard, President ofTheRockford InstitutenFor your copy, please use order form below.nTitlenD #15 Disarming America’s Willto Defend Itselfnby John A. 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