sive, as well. It is also believed to benwhere “most of the people who runnthings” live. Fair enough. The MiddlenWest is regarded as middle-of-theroad—nneither best nor worst—innmost respects; it does get the “leastnexciting” title, making it sound morenand more attractive the older I get.nThe South gets credit for the bestnweather (although last summer we justnabout dried up and blew away), and itsnpeople are seen as the friendliest andnmost religious. The survey was conductednbefore the bottom fell out of oilnprices, but Roper found that Americansnbelieve the South also has thenbest job opportunities. Look out, Yankee,nSunbelt’s gonna get yo’ mama.nWhich may have something to donwith mini-course 2062: How to SpeaknSouthern, offered by MIT’s Laboratorynfor Nuclear Science. Make of thatnwhat y’all will.n* * *nA littie North-South parable fromnThe Anglican Digest answers the perennialnquestion: Can any good thingncome from Arkansas? In Lincoln,nMassachusetts (not far from MIT, inn$i).^:>n[AlSSEZB^RE BOOKSnOrder •TS4120nORDER TOLL-FREEn1-800-238-2200next 500nContinental U.S.n• 24 hours a day •n• 7 days a week •nfact), a Filipino Sister of St. Anne tooknher cheap but treasured wristwatch to anjeweler for repairs. “Only an Arkansasntinkerer could repair this,” he told her,nwhereupon she sent it to the parents ofna student from Arkansas—and it camenback good as new.n* * *nSpeaking of the South’s friendly andnreligious people—I don’t plan to votenfor any TV evangelist for President,nbut I do admire some of them andndefend them occasionally from ignorantncriticism. A few Gantryesquenspecimens, however, make it all tooneasy for critics of the breed to score.nConsider, for example, the allegedlynReverend Jim Whittington of Greenville,nNorth Carolina. Mrs. MozellenUssery of LaGrange, Georgia, sicknwith leukemia, wrote him some timenago, after watching his syndicated televisionnprogram. According to the AP,nhe subsequentiy sent her roughly 30ncomputer-generated letters. One letternsaid, “The Lord spoke to me to havenyou prove yourself by sending an offeringnof $15 (Malachi 3:10),” and thenlast one read: “My dear friend Moz­nelle, you can get in trouble with Godnand miss your blessing by not beingnobedient. … I don’t want your bloodnon my hands at the Judgement, Mozelle.”nMrs, Ussery was unresponsive becausenshe had died seven months before.nHer husband was sufficiently annoyednby the last letter to send copiesnto several newspapers. Preacher Whittingtonncommented: “I only asked thenman for $15, and he’s giving me thousandsnin free advertising.”nFar be it from me to urge Federalnregulation. Instead, let us pray—fornwhatever may be appropriate.n* * *n(I promise that the next few paragraphsnwill be my last comment on thendetestable enormities of the U.S. Departmentnof Transportation.)nAs I keep reminding you (and myself),nresistance to Federal tyranny isnnot a Southern monopoly. Out innJohn Wayne country, some state politicosnhave been aiding and abettingntheir constituents’ contumacy. Last Inheard, for instance, legislation wasnpending in Wyoming, Nevada, andnli/fythsnShatterii^ ThenOf MaixismnFor those familiar witli Marxian theory, Thomas Sowell’s lively book shattersnexisting interpretations based on repetition instead of scholarship. For the unitiated,nit is a lucid, step-by-step introduction to the subject.nA sampler of the provocative points thatnmake MARXISM a splendid read:n• Why Marx’s ringing use of the termn”capitalism” was “something of a verbalncoup.”n• Why “Marxism was — and remains — anmighty instrument for the acquisitionnand maintenance of political power.”n• How Marxists speak boldly “in the namenof the workers without their consentn[but] in defiance of their contrary viewsnand actions.”n”There are many books on Marxism, butnthis is one of the best.” —Library Journaln”… an extraordinarily lucid and carefullynreasoned book….”n—Professor Douglas C. North,nWashington UniversitynMONEY BACK GUARANTEE:nIf for any reason you are dissatisfied with anynbook, just return it within 30 days for a refund.nInI LnSend your order to:nLAISSEZ FAIRE BOOKS Dept CAKn532 Broadway, New York, NY 10012n• Please send me copies of Thomas Sowell’snMARXISM: Philosopliy and Economics for onlyn$6.95 each plus $1.00 postage and handling, orn$2.00 UPS ($2.00 for foreign orders). NY Stalenresidents add appropriate sales tax.nLJ Send me your FREE 32-page catalog of booksnon liberty.nn My check or money order is enclosed for SnD Please bill my U Visa u MasterCardnAccl.No.nExpir. DalenSignature _nName (Please Print)nCity/Stale/Zip _nnnInLJnFEBRUARY 1987 / 33n