or testify to the union’s larger significance.nJust yesterday, though, weddingsnwere community praisefests (asnwell as deeply religious ceremonies),npublic evidence that there would be anfuture. Marriage was a promise to thencommunity, as the community was anpromise to the nation. A young wife’snprivacy, and probably her civil rights,nwere routinely violated as her communitynsuffered over her childlessness orncongratulated itself upon her fecundity.nChildren, lots of children, meantngrowth. Life was exuberant andnunplannable, families noisy, andntownfolk demanding and forgiving butnnever complacent about right andnwrong.nAnd not since we became too sophisticatednfor all that has our nationnprospered so vigorously.nNow I am married to a man whosenmother and I both agree is close tonbeing perfect (except when he’s drivingnin heavy traffic). We find ourselves innthe odd position of trying to makenourselves an island—to separate ourselvesnfrom the river of nonchalancenmoving past us—so that we can gathernaround us a community. It may benmerely a community of like-mindednpeople—but what else is community?nOur marriage is itself a thing, has annexistence and a right to thrive andnfulfill its promises in spite of our sometimesnneglect. And although ournglands and brains may scream at us tongrab for the gusto, our hearts knownthat all we really need, all the worldnreally needs, is for us to be happy atnhome. COnJane Greer edits Plains Poetry Journalnand is not working on a novel.nLetter From thenLower Rightnby John Shelton ReednPotomac FevernIn November, National Review carriednan appreciative piece on the verynappreciable William J. Bennett, Secretarynof Education. NR’s Washingtonninside-dopester, John McLaughlin,nconcluded that “with a bit of grooming,nup-front experience, and contin­nued exposure to Potomac fever [Bennett]nmay have the making of anpolitician.” “There are,” he added,n”worse corruptions.”nOh? Name one.nMy acquaintance with corruptions,nsuch as it is, teaches me that many arenessentially self-destructive (“victimless,”nin the current jargon) and thatnmost of the rest involve abusing othersnone at a time, or in small groups atnmost. The characteristic corruption ofnpoliticians is that they enjoy, or comento enjoy, pushing people aroundn—and politicians, these days, pushnpeople around in very large numbersnindeed. Our suspicious Founders werenon the right track when they tried tonbind the power-hungry with the chainsnof the Constitution. Too bad they’venslipped those chains.nThe problem—and it’s one I gathernthe Reagan Administration faced in itsnearly days — is that, while biggovernmentnideologues take to politicsnlike ducks to water, most principlednanti-Federalists have things they’dnrather do than go to Washington andnpush people around. They have productsnto manufacture, fields to harvest.nTHE UNCENSORED Ca?/VCE C0IVIIVnSSK3N STU^^nNOW AVAILABLE!nhen the Grace Commissior:nW on government waste issuednits final report on membersnof Congress who block attemptsnto cut spending, it succumbed tonintense political pressure andnpublished the volume with allnthe names deleted. Now thencomplete unexpurgated reportnis available in this volumecontainingnevery name from thenoriginal report along with a newnintroduction by the authors,nand a foreword by EugenenMcCarthy.nONLY $7.95 fromn^ISSEZFAIRE BOOKSn”Porkbarrel is must reading!”n— Tom DiaznWashington TimesnThenUnexpurgatednGrace ConunissionnStory ofnCongressionalnProfligacynby RANDALL FITZGERALD ANDnGERALD LIPSONnOrder CU1529 (paper) for $7.95 plus $1.00 postage & handling ($2.00 foreign orders)nORDER TOLL-FREE 1-800-238-2200 ext. 500nand charge your VISA or MasterCardnContinental U.S. • 24 hours a day * 7 days a weekn”Porkbarrel vividly describes how theoreticalncommitments to economy are overwhelmednby parochial concerns.” _ j^^^^^^ ^^,^^^^nHouston PostnPlease send me_ _ copies of Porkbarrelnfor only $7.95 each, plus $1.00 postage &nhandling ($2.00 foreign orders).nSend me your 32-page catalog of books onnliberty. My check or money order isnenclosed for$ .nNamenAddress..nCilynSlate/ZipnOrder from: LAISSEZ FAIRE BOOKS, Dept. CAAn532 Broadway, New York, NY 10012 (212) 925-8992nMONEY BACK GUARANTEEnIf for any reason you are unhappynwith your order, just return it withinn30 days for a refund.nor send your order to LAISSEZ FAIRE BOOKS, Dept. CAA, 532 Broadway, New York, NY 10012nnnAPRIL 1986/55n