like General Pemberton, the Confederaterncommander at Vicksburg, who was arnPennsylvanian, And there’s that stonernobelisk in Canton, whatever it means.rnThings are never as simple as we mightrnlike them to be.rn* * *rnMoving on to the town of Vicksburgrnitself, I surveyed the remains of thatrnonce-bustling riverport, among themrnmany fine houses now turned into bedand-rnbreakfast establishments. The bigrnnews locally was that riverboat gamblingrnhas been approved, which everyonernseems to expect will revitalize the localrneconomy. A number of other MississippirnRiver and Gulf Coast towns alreadyrnhave floating casinos, and so far therneconomic bonanza seems to be realrnenough. I don’t entirely understand,rnhowever, why this Baptist-Methodistrnstate has suddenly become so enthusiasticrnfor this one kind of gambling.rnIt must be something like I larry Golden’srnscheme for “vertical integration.”rnGolden noticed that Southern whitesrninsisted on segregation only for activitiesrnthat involved blacks and whites sit-rnExposing Radical Feminismrn”ReducedrnDonna S t e i c h e nrnUNG9DLYrnRAGErn-j-pe i^ippE^’ ff^E c^rn^Af^C/..!^ fSMI^I^f^,rn25,000 copies soldrnUngodly Rage sesissiisxirnThe Hidden Face of Catholic FeminismrnDonna SteichenrnThis remarkable book fully exposes thernhidden face of Catholic feminism for thernfirst time. 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Irnpicture guys with garden hoses trying tornget it back up before the state inspectorrnarrives with his dipstick.)rnAnyway, no visitor to Vicksburg shouldrnmiss a curious little museum in the oldrncourthouse building. A half-dozen clutteredrnrooms display relics of native Indiansrnand of prominent local families,rnmementos of the cave-dwelling daysrnduring the siege, Coca-Cola memorabiliarn(the first Coke was supposedly bottledrnin Vicksburg), the Louisiana banknoternwith the word “Dix” (by onerntheory the origin of the word “Dixieland”),rnphotographs of steamboatrnraces and famous roustabouts, and literallyrnhundreds of other souvenirs ofrnVicksburg life. I was reminded by thisrndelightful omnium gatherum of ShanernLeslie’s description of the museum inrnReading at the turn of the century: arnrelic looted from a nearby abbey at thernReformation was displayed in a glassrnease, labeled “Hand of Saint James.”rn* * *rnWhen my wife came to visit, I tookrnher back to Vicksburg, and we had Sundayrndinner at a restaurant high on arnbluff over the Mississippi, next to onernof the Confederate artillery emplacementsrnthat had failed to keep the Yankeerngunboats from slipping past in therndark of one fateful night. Below us, thernInterstate spanned the great river now,rncarrying I8-wheelers and tourists westrnto Texas and beyond, and the river trafficrnwas confined to barges. As we werernleaving, I noticed among the signed picturesrnof celebrities in the foyer one ofrnAlex Haley—another Southerner whorntried to make the past speak and whorn(it now appears) finally had to put wordsrnin its mouth.rn]ohn Shelton Reed has returned tornChapel Hill, North Carolina, fromrnMillsaps College in Jackson, where hernwas Eudora Welty Professor ofrnSouthern Studies. His latest hook,rnMy Tears Spoiled My Aim andrnOther Reflections on SouthernrnCulture, was recently published byrnthe University of Missouri Press.rn44/CHRONICLESrnrnrn