NEWnModem editions of classic works for today’s readernFURTHER REFLECTIONS ON THE REVOLUTION IN FRANCEnBy Edmund BurkenEdited by Daniel E. Ritchien”It is now possible to have ready and easy access to Burke’s wider discussionnof the French Revolution.” H.T. Dickinson, University of Edinburgh.nThis volume brings together, for the first time in accessible and unabridgednform, Edmund Burke’s most important offter writings on the French Revolution.nThey constitute an important body of work that anticipates, refines, andnsummarizes Burke’s Reflections on the Revolution in France, and offer annintimate glimpse of Burke’s consistent and evolving engagement with thenrevolutionary mentality and the terror it wrought.n361 pages, index. Hardcover $25.00 0-86597-098-x Paperback $7.50 0-86597-099-8nFREEDOM AND THE LAWnExpanded Third EditionnBy Bruno LeonIn”Bruno Leoni weaves together thenteachings of economics, politicalnscience, and law with a profound graspnof the institutions that a society ofnordered liberty requires.” Peter H.nAranson, Emory UniversitynHardcover $20.00 0-86597-096-3nPaperback $ 7.50 0-86597-097-1nPOLITICAL SERMONS OF THEnAMERICAN FOUNDING ERA:n1730-1805nEdited by Ellis Sandozn”In this and other volumes of a similarnnature, Liberty Fund has establishednhigh standards of scholarly exactness.”nJournal of the Early RepublicnHardcover $38.00 0-86597-090-4nPaperback $12.00 0-86597-091-2nD Enclosed is my check.nD Please send me a catalogue.nName.nAddress.nCitynOTHER NEW AND SIGNIFICANT TITLESnRATIONALISM IN POLITICS ANDnOTHER ESSAYSnBy Michael OakeshottnForeword by Timothy Fullern”Communism may well be dead;nrationalism seems more alive than evernbefore. Oakeshott’s account is onlynnow coming into its own.” KennethnMinogue, London School of EconomicsnHardcover $24.00 0-86597-094-7nPaperback $ 7.50 0-86597-095-5nTHE RATIONALE OF CENTRALnBANKINGnBy Vera C. SmithnForeword by Leiand B. Yeagern”It is indispensable backgroundnreading for anyone Interested in thencurrent debate over monetaryninstitutions.” Lawrence H. White,nUniversity of GeorgianHardcover $20.00 0-86597-086-6nPaperback $ 8.00 0-86597-087-4nPlease send me the following titles:nTHE STATE OF THE UNIONnBy Albert Jay NocknEdited by Charles H. Hamiltonn”Here is social and intellectualncriticism at its best, from a thinker whonwill surely climb in due course to hisnproper place in the Americannpantheon.” Jacques BarzunnHardcover $20.00 0-86597-092-0nPaperback $ 7.50 0-86597-093-9nHISTORY OF THE AMERICANnREVOLUTIONnBy David RamsaynEdited and annotated by Lester H.nCohenn”If any one work marked thenbeginnings of an American nationalnhistory it was David Ramsay’s Historynof tfie American Revolution.” Arthur H.nShaffer, University of Missouri.nIn two volumesnHardcover $45.00 0-86597-078-5nPaperback $15.00 0-86597-081-5nQuantity Title HC/PBnState/ZipnTo order by phone, call 317-842-0880; fax 317-577-9067.nSubtotalnPrepayment by check, VISA, or MasterCard is required on alln, ,norders not for resale. Shipping and handling and a $15 minimum apply tonIndiana residents add 5% sales taxncredit card orders. We pay book rate postage on orders prepaid byncheck. Please allow approximately four weeks for deliverynTotalnLIBERTY FUNDnI 7440 North Shadeland, Dept. K202, Indianapolis, IN 46250-2028 InnnAmountnJUNE 1992/13n