It is, instead, a gentleman’s agreementnon what is fit to print, review, andndiscuss. The agreement is not exclusivelynpolitical, since it applies even tonexclusively aesthetic questions, but ifnanything, it is even more effective.nWhile the Soviet.Union and her “allies”nhave produced a host of martyrsnand witnesses to the truth—AleksandrnSolzhenitsyn in the USSR, MihajlonMihajlov in Yugoslavia, MilannKundera in Czechoslovakia—innAmerica we are too gendemanly (orntoo well schooled) tOjpoint the finger.nHere, in a sense, it is the writers whonare the censors, and that has made allnthe difference.nThe publications here under reviewnare not always available at bookstoresnand libraries (without the help ofnMomcilo Selic, an emigre writer fromnYugoslavia and a Chronicles contributor,nwe could not have located themnall). So we here provide mailing addressesnfor these invaluable periodicals:nIndex on Censorship, 39c HighburynPlace, London N5 IQP, UK ($25/nyear);nFreedom at Issue, 20 West 40thnStreet, New York, NY 10018 ($10/nyear);nSurvey, Ilford House, 133 OxfordnStreet, London WIR ITD, UK; availablenin the U.S. through Expediters ofnthe Printed Word Ltd., 527 MadisonnAvenue, Suite 1217, New York, NYn10022 ($39/year);nThe South Slav Journal, 7nChesterford Gardens, London NW3n7DD, UK;nCADDY Bulletin, Room 911, 36nWest 44th Street, New York, NYn10036;nVoice of Solidarity, 215 BalhamnHigh Road, London SW17 7BN, UK;navailable in the U.S. through thenStudv Group Network for PoliticalnEconomv, P.O. Box 891, Buffalo, NYn14240 ($’20/year);nOrganizations which occasionallynpublish information on intellectualnand artistic repression also include:nInternational PEN, Writers in PrisonnCommittee, 38 King Street, LondonnWC2E 8JT, UK;nAmnesty International, 1 EastonnStreet, London WCIX 8DJ; UK;nPEN, American Section, Freedomnto Write Committee, 568 Broadwav,nNew York, NY 10012. ccn501 CHRONICLES OF CULTUREnCultural Revolutionsn(continued from p. 1)nonly 15 percent of IHSA membership,nyet they have won 35 percent of thenstate football tides and over half of thenstate volleyball crowns. One Catholicnhigh school principal, whose schoolntook the state basketball htle in 1985,ncut through the cant about “philosophicalndifferences”: “I think a fewnprincipals at public schools are jealousnof the success the private schools havenhad and want to reserve the championshipnplay for themselves.” A publicnschool principal in the Interstate EightnWhat’s Up, Doc?nConference confessed to the ChicagonTribune, “If they [the private schools]nlost all the time, there probablynwouldn’t be any resolution.” The publicnschools’ plan for creating “champions”nlooks suspiciously like theirnmethod for producing “graduates”n—eliminate the tough tests. Besides,ngiven the anarchy now found in manynof Illinois’ public schools, principalsnare probably fearful that when playingnagainst private schools, members ofntheir teams will slip away to the opposingnlocker room and ask for politicalnasvlum. ccnA survey of medical specialties recently circulated among physicians in Columbus,nOhio. We reprint it in full:nThe following is a list of “special procedures” the public requests. Please mark annthat would be appropriate to your practice.n1. AcupuncturenSmoking CessationnWeight Loss Pain Reductionn2. Abortionsn3. AIDSn4. Alcoholism Treatmentn5. Biofeedbackn6. Drug AbusenMedical Psychologicaln7. Flight Physiciansn8. Gay Medical Problemsn9: Geriatric Medicinen10. HerpesnIL Holistic Medicinen12. Hou’secallsnNew Patient Established Patientn13.nRegionnInfertility Workups:n* Sperm banksn*Test tube babies (In Vitro)n*Sterilization ReversalsnMale Femalen* Surrogate mothersn14. Laser Therapyn15: Ophthalmic Refractionn16. Sex ChangesnMale to female Female to malen17. Sex TherapynPsychological Male FemalenPhysical Male Femalen18. Weight Loss Specialists/Nutritional Counselingn19 OTHFRnOther? You can’t get much other than this. Columbus is hardly typical of Ohio,nthough it’s the state capital. You know politicians: boys will be boys—and girls, too,napparently,nnn