Circuit Court of Appeals, where eventually the county againrnwas upheld. The decision stands as a legal precedent for propertyrnowners to bring assaults against every critical habitat designationrnin the country. It was another victory for elected localrngovernment against the unclected bureaucracy that devoursrnfreedoms; but, still, we received no concession, no admission,rnand no admittance. If the recalcitrant agents of the governmentrnappeal to the Supreme Court, they gamble having a directrnorder to obey the law all over America, not just inside thernTenth Circuit.rnThe 2,500 people of Catron County, New Mexico, havernproven that rogue federal agents are vulnerable and that thernjudiciary still can fulfill its role. Hundreds of counties,rnthroughout the United States, are emulating us, and demandingrnthat bureaucrats honor local government’s right to be involvedrnin federal environmental planning. For example, thernArizona-New Mexico Coalition of Counties was built aroundrnCatron County and its ideas, literally and figuratively. It is nowrnfive years old and includes counties that cover half of each staternand 900,000 citizens.rnThe Forest Service has capitulated and entered a Memorandumrnof Understanding with the county, fleshing out the detailsrnof our joint and mutual planning efforts. It has sent it to all thernDistrict Forest Rangers in America with instructions to executernthe same MOU with the counties in their districts. The agentsrnare slowly and grudgingly complying.rnWhether petty tyrants comply or resist, several questions remainrnunanswered. When will the national media stop their assaultsrnon our ancient and honorable culture? When will multiculturalrndiversity make room for us? When will the legislaturernor the courts create a mechanism whereby unelected governmentrnagents will be disciplined for deliberately and flagrantlyrndisregarding, defying, disobeying, and violating the law of thernland and the rule of law?rnThe answers to such questions may be beyond the reach ofrntiny Catron County, New Mexico, Or maybe not. We havernfounded the Catron Institute, for the study and defense ofrnthe rural culture of Western America. This country is full ofrnthinkers, planners, philosophers, and whiners. Catron Countyrnis full of doers. ?rnTHE WISDOM OF THE PLANNED GIFTrnThere are many ways to give to educational and cfiaritable organizations such as The Rockford Institute,rnpublisher of Chronicles: A Magazine of American Culture. Most people make direct gifts, which result in arn”charitable deduction” from their taxable incomes.rnAnother option is to establish a Charitable Remainder Trust. Assume, for example, that a person boughtrnstock years ago at a cost of $20,000 that is now worth $50,000 and pays 3 percent in dividends. One way tornlock in the current value, avoid capital gains tax, and derive more income would be to create a CharitablernRemainder Unitrust, Pay-out percentages could be set at from 5 percent to 8 percent, and the funds placed inrnsecure income-producing investments. If the trust earns more than the agreed pay-out, the additional money isrnadded to the trust so that its size increases. Upon the death of the donor or his beneficiary, the trust wouldrnbecome the property of the Institute or other charities of the donor’s choice. Estate taxes are eliminated andrnthere is a sizable charitable deduction in the year the trust is established. The amount of the charitablerndeduction depends on the age of the donor and the income retained.rnLegacy Program, The Rockford Institute, 934 North Main Street, Rockford, IL 61103rnI I Please send me general information on “Planned Giving” options.rnI I Please send me information on the Institute’s Charitable Remainder Trust Fund.rnNAME_rnCITY_ STATErnADDRESS,.rn_ ZIP PHONE_rnIf you have a specific asset, such as stoci^s, that you are considering for a contribution, and if you would like the Institute to evaluate the financial taxrnimplications for your gift, please include the following information:rnSS# . SS # (SPOUSE)_rnCOST OF ASSET_ ESTIMATED MARKET VALUE_rn28/CHRONICLESrnrnrn