house, virtually surrounded by thenGermans. In this oasis of freedom, cutnoff from political commissars, CaptainnGrekov, without the trappings of rank,nwages effective warfare against the invaders.nStalin’s order means nothing tonhim and his men, who simply fight tondefend Russia.nGrossman’s battle descriptions arenexcellent. He served in World War IInas a correspondent and spent muchntime at the front. He knows his subjectnand was, perhaps after Ilya Ehrenburg,nthe best-known journalist in the SovietnUnion in the war years. Tolstoy, onnthe other hand, wrote War and Peacenafter having served as an officer in thenearly 1850’s in campaigns in the Caucasusnand in the Crimean War ofnI854-I856. Therefore, his battlenscenes are every bit as good as Grossman’s,nwhile his grasp of the overallnconduct of war and of the dispositionnof troops is far superior.nOne of the central characters of Lifenand Fate is a theoretical nuclear physicist,nVictor Shtruni. Shtrum is Jewishnand has little regard for Marxist-nStalinist thought as the key to newndiscoveries in physics. During a wavenof anti-Semitism, he is harshly judgednby his colleagues and appears destinednfor arrest, just after a major scientificnbreakthrough. How could his coworkersnhonor a man whose physics isnpolitically unacceptable? After all,nShtrum even admires Einstein! Thenncomes, out of the blue, a solicitousncall from Stalin. This changes thenattitude of his peers, as well as his ownndisposition towards the leader whomnhe had previously loathed. It is a veryninteresting rendering of the tensionsnthat affect scientists and other intellectualsnin the Soviet system. Withoutngood science, the war machine andnthe economy die. Political leaders,nmost of all, cannot do without sciencenand its sturdy son, technology.nGrossman had his own experiencento draw upon in describing this tensionnbetween intellectual rigor and politicalnconformity. In fact, Stalin’s death inn1953 precluded a possible trip to Siberianfor Grossman himself, a Jew whonfell into disrepute as anti-Semitismnbecame rampant in the USSR. Itnshould be noted that all copies of Lifenand Fate were confiscated by the KGBnin 1961, after the manuscript was submittednfor publication. How the mi­ncrofilm of the manuscript reached thenWest in the late 1970’s is not clear,nalthough the exiled writer VladimirnVoinovich played a major role in thisnapparent breach of security.nAnother important character innGrossman’s epic is Sofya Levington.nShe is a Soviet Jewish doctor in anGerman camp in occupied territory.nFrom her we learn the thoughts andnfeelings of an educated woman as shenis rounded up and eventually herdednnaked into the gas chamber with othernORDERnTOLL-FREEn1-800-n238-2200next. 500nCHARGE YOUR VISAnOR MASTERCARDn• Continental U.S. •n24 hours a day •n7 days weeknMONEYBACKnGUARANTEEnIf for any reason younare dissatisfied with this book,njust return it within 30 daysnfor a refund.nmen, women, and children. This wasnthe fate of Grossman’s own mother.nHe was with the Russian troops whennthey saw the death camps and filed thenfirst reports of that aspect of hell. Hisnportrait of Sofya Levington and hernfate is rich in detail and emotion.nStalin’s outright anti-Semitism, whichnbecomes publicly evident in the postwarnyears, is examined by Grossmannas far back as 1942-43, illustratingnthe basic similarity of the two totalitarianisms.n”After 100 years it’s time to burynsocialism. The workers of the worldnhave been deceived long enough.”nSocialism:nThe Grand Delusionnby Brian Crazier & Arthur SeldonnTaking ttiis statement as their starting point, authorsnCrozier and Seldon strip to the bone both thensocialist dream and the socialist reality. Theynridicule the excuses socialists have to offer. Theyntake advantage of every incautious socialist remark.nTheir barbed comments and pithy remarks clobberntheory and practice alike. This is a spirited book thatnrings with truth and calls socialism’s bluff!nOrder your copy today. Illustrated. $ Q95nCS4440 (paper) Onr M M B H H H I H H H a H HnSend your order to: •nlAlSSEZ RMRE BOOKS oeptcAPn532 Broadway, New York, NY 10012nPlease send me copies of Socialism: The GrandnDelusion (CS4440) for $8.95 eacii, plus $1.00 postage &ntiandling per order ($2.00 UPS). NY State residents add appropriatensales tax.nn Send me yom- 32-page catalog of books on liberty.nn My check or money order is enclosed forn$nD Please bill my D Visa D MasterCardnCard No.nSignaturenName (Please Print) _nAddressnCity/State/Zip_nnn. Exp. Daten•fJnJnJULY mi / 33n