To Achieve Vktorr, First 1 DO Mils I Seeh IirnU.S. Taxpayers Partyrn450 Maple Avenue East* Vienna, Virginia 22180rn1’800*2»VETO«IRSrnPragmatism has not uuorked.rnDon’t waste your vote on thernlesser of tuvo evils. Invest it inrnwhat you believe to be rightrnand know to be necessary.rn• • • “iDrkirjii’ In (iel the Tax-Users Off thip Backs of llip Ta-fTprs • • •rnOUR GOAL:rnTo restore American jurisprudence to its Btblicalpremises,rnTo limit the Federal government to its Constitutionalrnboundaries.rnOUR PLAN:rnTo elect a President who will use his Constitutionalrnveto authority (with the support of onethirdrnplus one of the members of one House ofrnCongress) to terminate all Federal activitiesrnwhich transgress the delegated, enumeratedrnfunctions prescribed in the Constitution.rnOUR POLICY:rnTo balance the budget immediately,rnTo eliminate the national debt, strengthen therndollar, and fight inflation by abolishing thernunconstitutional Federal Reserve System,rnTo repeal the Sixteenth Amendment, abolishrnthe IRS, and eliminate the Federal income tax,rnTo appoint only judges who acknowledge thernlegalpersonhood of the unborn child,rnTo end Federal interference with imposition ofrnthe death penalty for capital crimes,rnTo fully safeguard the Bill of Rights, includingrnrights of property, speech, religion, and the right tornkeep and bear arms,rnTo terminate Federal funding for Planned Parenthood,rnAIDS education, the National Endowmentrnfor the Arts, the Legal Services Corporation, and allrnforms of ideological advocacy.rnTo close down the Federal Department of Educationrnand restore local and parental authority byrnterminating the Federal role in education,rnTo restore unconstitutional Federal holdings to thernstates and the people.rnTo restore accountability by abolishing congressionalrnpensions, limiting judicial authority,rnending bureaucratic privilege, overturning executivernorders, and restoring all legitimate regulatoryrnpower to elected officials.rnTo withdraw from all Netv World Order treatiesrnand organizations.rnTo provide for the common defense, including thernimmediate deployment of a strategic defense andrnthe retention of strategically crucial U.S. bases atrnthe isthmus of Panama.rnTo volunteer, contribute, or obtain additional information, please contact:rn1996 Ballot Action, USTP’450 Maple Avenue EasfVienna, Virginia 22180 or call 1«800’2’VETO’1RSrnPaid for by the U.S. Taxpayers Party National Committee’Ted Adams, Chairman, Joe Sanger, TreasurerrnIF THE REPUBLICANS REJECT BUCHANANrnA NOVEMBER, 1996rnPOLITICAL INSURANCE POLICYrnFOR CONSERVATIVESrnBallot Access Stand-ins for President and Vice PresidentrnHoward Phillips Brig, Gen. Albion Knight (USA-Ret)rnPLAN TO ATTEND THE 1996 PRESIDENTIAL NOMINATING CONVENTION OFrnTHE U.S. TAXPAYERS PARTY * SAN DIEGO, CALIFORNL^* AUGUST 15-18, 1996rnrnrn