Crown Heights, which resulted in thernsavage murder of a young Rabbinical student?rnHow dare anyone resent the MartinrnLuther King holiday? Bob Grant did,rnand his attitudes and ideas were metrnwith a chorus of protest from the Pharisees.rnAlan Dershowitz, the liar for hire ofrnchoice for murderers and rapists, appearedrnon the television news to describernMr. Grant as an anti-Semite (meaningrnanyone who disagrees with Mr. Dershowitz).rnEx-Mayor Dinkins said Mr.rnGrant was a racist (meaning anyonernwho forgets that the first black mayorrnof New York is not to be criticized). Arnspokesman for FAIR said that though hisrnorganization did not wish anyone to bernfired, because FAIR believed in freernspeech, the dismissal of Mr. Grant was arngood thing nonetheless because Mr.rnGrant is a racist.rnThe chorus was joined by the righteousrntalk-radio stations in New York, allrnof whom, far from deploring the loss ofrndiversity in radio programming, rejoicedrnin it. The black-oriented station WLIBrnplayed songs of celebration and invitedrnthe tribune of the people, Al Sharpton,rnto comment. This is what happens.rngrowled Sharpton, referring to Grant’srnopinions on the MLK holiday, to racistsrnwho “desecrate our heroes.” Of course,rnWLIB sees nothing wrong with attackingrnJefferson and Washington as “nogoodrncrackers.” Sharpton also claimedrnto be appalled by Mr. Grant’s lack of reverencernfor the corrupt Commerce SecretaryrnRon Brown. Somehow, becausernGrant had not pretended that the lossrnof the Commerce Secretary was as greatrna tragedy for this country as the mediarnhad—somehow, in Al Sharpton’srnwarped mind, this meant that Bob Grantrnhad killed the Commerce Secretary.rnThat one of Al Sharpton’s disciples hadrnfirebombed Freddie’s, a Jewish-ownedrnclothing store in Harlem, and burnedrnalive seven people, including a black securityrnguard, seemed to have escaped thernReverend.rnOther radio stations continued thernhypocrisy. Bernard White of the “community”rnstation WBAI went on the offensive,rncalling for the ouster of talk showrnhost and Guardian Angel leader CurtisrnSliwa, the last remaining conservativernon WABC. Amusingly, Mr. White appearedrnperturbed that Bob Grant hadrnoccasionally referred to Jesse Jackson asrnHelp Us Fight To SavernOur American Heritage!rnSouthern heritage is a part of American heritage butrn”civil rights” groups want to remove ALL Confederate symbolsrnfrom public property. Join HPA today and help us fightrnpolitical correctness and cultural bigotry against the South.rnHeritage Preservation AssociationrnHPA is a nonprofit, national membership organization that utilizesrneducational resources along with political and legal action to protectrnSouthern symbols, Southern history, and Southern culture.rnAnnual dues of $39.95 include: HPA membershiprncard, bi-monthly newsletter, quarterly reports,rnConfederate Shopper’s Clubâ„¢ and the Heritage-BBS^”rncomputer system. Mention this ad to save 10%rn(VISA, Mastercard, AMEX)rnTo join by phone or request free information, callrn800-86’DIXIErnHPA • P.O. Box 98209 • Atlanta, GA 30359rn(404) 928-2714 • Fax (404) 928-2719rnJesse “Jerkson.” White’s own continuousrnbarrage of references to Curtis Sliwarnas Curtis “Sleaze-wa” were, of course,rnunimpeachable: Mr. White is, after all,rnblack. Asked to explain this attack onrnMr, Sliwa’s Polish surname, representativesrnof WBAI told me that African-rnAmericans “cannot be racists in a racistrnsociety.” Of course. What is perhapsrnmost nauseating about WBAI is thernmultitude of talk show hosts and callersrnclaiming to be “shocked” and “offended”rnby Grant and Diamond. One mightrnimagine from this that WBAI is the lastrnbastion of Victorian reticence and sobriety,rnwith its “community” calling eachrnother Sir and Madam and reading passagesrnfrom Bishop Golenso, CardinalrnNewman, and Matthew Arnold on thernair. Rather the opposite. Amidst uncensoredrnfoul language, jolly talk about selfmutilation,rnpseudointellectual drivelrnabout “issues” and puffs for Mother Jonesrnmagazine, it is easy to discern the rottingrnmorality of aging hippie-Nazis. WBAIrnknows what is right, and God help thosernwho disagree with the station.rnThe same can be said for the peddlersrnof the “Bob Grant tapes.” FAIR hasrnnothing to do with fairness or accuracy,rnfor in its campaign against “Hate Radio,”rnthe so-called media watchdog appearsrnto be colorblind in its left eye. WhenrnWLIB’s Gary Byrd reads a poem (ofrnsorts) threatening violence to the “menrnin black”—meaning Jews in CrownrnHeights—not a peep from FAIR. (Naturally,rnbeing orthodox and conservative,rnthese were not the right kind of Jews.)rnWhen WBAI regularly refers to MayorrnGiuliani as a fascist and “Ghoul-iani,”rnthis is not Italian-bashing. When thernsame station makes jokes about the Popernbeing a pederast (“Into the Pope-mobile,rnRobin . . . ” ) , Catholics are supposed tornunderstand the Swiftian wit. Only BobrnGrant’s and Jay Diamond’s witticismsrnare beyond the pale, being perhaps toornpale.rnLest Chronicles readers outside NewrnYork imagine that I am making a mountainrnout of a local molehill, I close withrninformation that strikes nearer to home.rnBack issues of Chronicles are in the officesrnof FAIR on West 25th Street inrnManhattan. I was told by one of FAIR’srncoordinators that dossiers exist onrnChronicles editors and contributors.rnFAIR is a fanatical organization. Afterrnthe more visible voices of conservativerndissent are protested out of existencernthrough McCarthyite accusations ofrn40/CHRONICLESrnrnrn