est sweat in that tennis court.rnFirst and foremost the learned Canonrnwas blessed with a prodigious appetite.rnI laving said grace in Hall, under the gazernof Holbein’s Henry VIII, his wave of thernhands would have adroitly secretedrnseveral spoils of the table into variousrnpockets, for consumption in liis roomsrnlater. To the college’s buffet lunches hernbrought with him a large scarf for thernsame purpose. Equal grist to the mill,rngorgonzola found its way into filthyrnhandkerchiefs, already stinking of snuff,rnwhile his pipe was a prewar Woolworthrnarticle filled with an unspeakable mixturernof rotting leaves and old street butts.rnBiscuits, nuts, olives were all fair game,rnfor he was not constrained bv the observationrnof colleagues or even the GoverningrnBody. In fact, Dean MascoU recallsrnhim at a Vice Chancellor’s garden partyrn”in his full doctoral scarlet, secretingrncream buns in the pockets of his cassock.”rnA pile of food was once found underrnhis High Table chair, clcad droppedrnfrom his gown pockets. He used purloinedrntoast as a bookmark, sleepingrnthrough sermons and sliding off his scatrnin clothes secured ha|3hazardl bv largernlaundry pins. Royal visits he treated withrnextreme condescension while some of usrnwill still remember attending a Cathedralrnservice only to be alerted by therndelightful giggles of the choirboys inrnfront—at what? At Canon Jenkins, bentrnand frail, walking over to the lectern withrnpounds of sugar cascading from his cassock.rnWhether he was an unselfconsciousrnor planned eccentric surely hardlv matters.rnFor in an increasmglv industrializedrnand electronic world, we must surelyrncherish his like.rnGeoffrey Wagner is professor emeritus ofrnEnglish at the City University of NewrnYork.rnIn Praise ofrnInexcellencernby Clinton W. Trowbridgern^^ T f a thing is worth doing, it is worthrni doing badly,” said C.K. Chesterton.rnAll that talk about being the best isrnOlympic fever, ad hype. If everyone werernthe best, where would the rest of us be?rnIn sports this is obvious. Perhaps not sornmuch so in advanced nuclear phvsics.rnThe guy next to me in the pool can s\ imrnas he pleases. If he’s flying the plane,rnOK, he better be good. But even in areasrnwhere wc have a right to expect expertise,rnwe should regard the top as more ofrna plateau than a peak. After all, there’srnthe copilot. He could be flying thernplane. A suitable proficiency, then, inrnthose areas. But for the others, cool yourrnbuns.rnTake marriage, for instance. I had arnfriend in school who vas perfect at everything.rnHe took all the ]5rizcs at graduation.rnHe got married, and then he gotrndivorced. I asked him what the problemrnwas. “It was a C- affair,” he said. WhatrnI thought later and wished I’d said was,rn”But that’s passing!”rnSettling for a C- is important if you’re,rnsay, studying an instrument. I tookrnlessons on the cello for several years andrngot far enough to enjoy scraping out KinernKleine Nacht with some other hackers.rnThen one summer a pro got hold of mernand said, in effect, do ou want to sloprnalong like this or studv eight hours a davrnwith me and perhaps become good?rn”Slop along,” I said, after hardly anyrnthought. I’m not arguing for the secondrate.rnI’m just saying that at this momentrnin history people have got the idea that ifrnthey can’t outwit the Japanese, they betterrnperfect their hari-kari.rnWhat if every writer put himself uprnagainst Shakespeare? Ecry painterrnRembrandt? Every billionaire Perot?rnFaith has blurry vision, hope a poorrnmemory, determination a low l.Q. Experiencernruminates; outh jumps in.rnBut surcK we should strive at all timesrntoward our personal best? Tell me.rnWhat is that when one is observingrnclouds? “I loaf and invite my soul.”rnWhitman. Politically incorrect languagernbut the right point. Ol^servation is onlyrnpossible in detachment. One understandsrnby holding an idea in the palm ofrnone’s mind.rnIn areas that apply, then. There, yournmust admit, excellence is what we want.rnYes, but what arc those areas? Notrnsports. (Man has the inalienable right tornplay—badly.) Not art. Not human relations.rnScience? (Unless you’re a child—rnor a child-like adult—with your first, orrn31st, chemistry set.) Business? (As measuredrnby salary or service?) Polities? Vinally.rnHold every man and woman andrnchild to accountable political excellencernby all means. Bankers, also. Jewelers.rnRestaurateurs. Ma I suggest a maxim?rn”Excellence is the expected, anticipatedrnobject of all activities in whichrnexcellence is advertised and thus rccjuired.”rnDoesn’t that cover it? At leastrnadequatcK?rnClinton W. ‘irowhridge writes fromrnSedgwick, Maine.rnMILITARYrnThe Green BarrettesrnbyR. Cart KirkwoodrnFor ZOO years, American fighting menrnhave gone into battle without women.rnGeorge Washington conquered thernBritish at Yorktown without women.rnGrant defeated Lee without women.rnMarines raised the flag on Iwo Jima withoutrnwomen. But those fellows must havernbeen made of sterner stuff than menrntoday. Now, apparently, the men can’trnhack it, at least if vou believe the captainsrnof the Pentagon, who have assigned ladyrnwarriors to combatant ships and arernbringing them ever closer to combatrnduty on land.rnThough the Army has not assignedrngirls to the Green Berets vet, the Navyrnhas gone full speed ahead with plans tornfemini/c the maritime vocation. Andrnthose who warned against moving womenrninto combat units at sea arc having arnblast savmg, “[ told you so.” Thingsrnaren’t shaping up c[uitc the way the boysrnand girls in River City wanted, unless byrnshape you mean what happens to a gidrnwho ships out to sea with a few hundredrnhorny men.rnConsider just a few of the tawdry talcsrnthat washed up on shore eadier this year.rnAs reported in the Washington Post, therncanoodling between an enlisted manrnand woman aboard the aircraft carrierrnUSS Dwiglit D. Kisenliower was particularlyrnsteamy. The sailors were married,rnbut not to each other, and they reportedlyrnvideotaped their liaison that tookrnplace on a secluded part of the ship.rnThey got caught when the leading manrnshowed the film to his friends, one ofrnwhom turned him in. Man and womanrn46/CHRONICLESrnrnrn