THE ROCKFORD INSTITUTE’SrnTHIRD ANNUAL SUMMER SCHOOLrnA classical republic: the American Founders’ dream . . . The armed citizen: fromrnMarathon to the militia . . . The pagan prophets: why Christians should study Greek . . .rn”The Greek Roots of Christendom”rn1-5 August 2000rnspecial lectures:rn”The Art of War in Ancient Greece” and “America’s Homeric Period”rnSpecial dinner event:rn”The Natural Law From Aristotle to Edmund Burke: A Tribute to Peter Stanlis”rnSpecial optiorud workshop for teachers and homeschooling parents:rn”Why It’s Necessary to Teach the Classics and How to Do It Right”rn(I August, 9:00 A.M. ‘ 2:00 P.M.)rnBeautiful riverfront accommodations at Rockford’s newest hotel:rnCliffbreakers Convention CenterrnDr. Roger McGrathrnProfessor of fiistory at PepperdinernPh.D. in fiistory from U.C.L.A.rn(Open to Students of All Ages!)rn^j^eadmS^rn/^aschyl”*rnIrn .rnDr. Thomas FlemingrnPresident of THE ROCKFORD INSTITUTE and editor of ChroniclesrnPh.D. in classics from the University of North Carolina, Chapel HirnFr. Hugh Barbour, O Praem.rnPrior and Seminary lecturer at Saint Michael’s Abbey,rnTrabuco Canyon, Californiarn”Ph.D. in philosophy from the Pontifical University of St. Thomas AquinasrnDr. Paul GottfriedrnProfessor of humanities at Elizabethtov/n CollegernPh.D. in history from Yale UniversityrnSophocl^rnturipitle*rnAfistopha””*rnTyrtacusrnXetiopHonrnHerodotusrn-YhocydidesrnAristotlernPUtDrn•YlieOresteiarnPersiansrnOedipusrnAn«S°”*rnBacchae , Clouds ArcWanians/rnSelected PoetryrnAnabasisrnHistoriesrnt.eloponnes,anJ^’rnT>,eConsO”‘«°”rnof AthensrnApoiosyrntuthypHrornCritornPhaedornTTw SymposiumrnIhaViairnPlease enroll me in THE ROCKFORD INSTITUTE’S Third Annual Summer SchoolrnQ Full Registration (*395.'”‘)—includes tuition, lodging (double occupancy), and daily dinnerrnQ Full Registration, Single Occupancy (H95.”°)rn[_J Commuter Registration {^135.”°) tuition onlyrnI J Commuter Registration plus daily dinner (*235.°”)rnQ Classical Curriculum Workshop (Single ‘SO.’VCouples ^SO.””)rnincludes lunchrn[ J I cannot attend, but I want the Summer School to be a success.rnEnclosed is my contribution of $rn(For a gift of $500.°° or more, we’ll send you a complete .set of the Summer School audiotapes.)rnUl Please send me a brochure.rnName(s)rnAddressrnCitv, State, ZiprnPhonernt ‘rn• •rn•rnPlease mail form with check to: The Rockford Institute • 928 North Main Street • Rockford, Illinois 61103rnQuestions? Call Aaron Wolf at (815) 964-5811rnrnrn