~inA thoughtful and often cheekynmonthly^’ whose “‘chompionnis Pope John Poul H/’ — HewsweeknYes, that’s the New Oxford Review! Wenstrongly support the Polish Pope’s valiantnefforts to protect Poland from the Sovietnimperialists and to enhance social justice,nboth in Poland and throughout the world.nMoreover, we unabashedly champion thenPope in his struggle tosave Christian ortliodoxynfrom Hans Kung and all the othernquestionable theologians who have had anfield day undermining the faith and moralsnof a generation of Catholics. And yes, wenare cheeky — but then, we believe that withnJohn Paul II on the throne of Peter, orthodoxnCatholics no longer have an excuse to hidentheir light under a bushel.nWe are a new anduniquemonthlyopinionnmagazine, the kind that Catholics havenbeen searching for — in many cases — forndecades. As one professor in Massachusettsnwrote us, “Your strong defense ofnPope John Paul II in the Hans Kung affairnwarmed my heart. I wish that other Catholicnmagazines (one of which I first subscribednto some 33 years ago) had exhibited suchncourage. I have found some of the bestnrendering of Catholic teaching and traditionnin your Review — and not in Catholicnperiodicals of like format, where one wouldnnormally expect to find it.”nWe feature a regular column by Jamesni-litchcock giving a running commentary onnthe continuing battle between the HolynFather and the modernists, and our Romen(Please allow 2 to 8 weeks for delivery of first issue.)nCorrespondent files dispatches from insidenthe Vatican.nPublished 10 times a year by Anglo-nCatholics, the New Oxford Review believesnthe battle for Christian truth is beingnfought inside all denominations and communions.nHence, we maintain strong linksnto Evangelicals, Pentecostalists, the EasternnOrthodox, and others.nWe address a variety of religious andnsecular topics, and various viewpoints arenaired. Our writers include such diverse andnexciting people as Peter L Berger, J.M.nCameron, Francis Canavan S.J., RobertnColes, Joseph Fessio S.J., Carl F.H. Henry,nThomas Howard, Erazim Kohak, Arthur F.nMcGovern S.J., Richard John Neuhaus,nJohn T. Noonan Jr., Paul Ramsey, James V.nSchall S.J., Paul Seabury, Sheldon Vanauken,nand Robert E. Webber. Our editor isnDale Vree.nAnd here’s what others are saying aboutnus: Newsweel< praises our “childlike exuberance,”nNational Review pronounces usn”first rate,” and Pastoral Renewal saysnwe’re “sharply written and well-edited.”nBut the best is yet to come, for MichaelnNovak judges us “a cutting edge in Americannreligious thought,” and the LibrarynJournal has solemnly announced thatn”this fine journal will doubtless commandnincreasing attention.”nSPECIAL DISCOUNT RATES FOR FIRST-TIME SUBSCRIBERSn”Z One-year subscription … $6 (regularly $9)nC One-year student or retired person’s sub. … $5n(regularly $7)nC Three-year subscription . . . $15 (regularly $24)nNAME (Please print or type)nSTREET ADDRESSnCITY STATE ZIP CODEnG One-year Canadian or foreign subscription … $9n(regularly $11) (Payment must be drawn in U.S. funds)nn Sample copy . . . $2.50nnnMake ctieck payable to “American Churcti Union”nand mail to:nNew Oxford ReviewnRoom 106n6013 Lawton Ave.nOakland, CA 94618nPAYMENT MUST ACCOMPANY ORDERn