Star, and her name is today a bywordnamong Washington conservatives as ansymbol of a slanted political reporter.)nThe Milwaukee Journal pionttttd thisnsort of reporting by inserting into its Mc­nCarthy stories bracketed material whichndisputed or refuted his charges. If “objective”nreporting assumed that thencharges made by a United States Senatornwere probably correct, advocacy journalismnin its early stages implicitly or explicitlynassumed that McCarthy was a liar.nIn the traditional Catholic Church,nbelievers were not encouraged to read thenBible without the benefit of priestly interpretationn. In our secular world the liberalnjournalistic fraternity regards itself asna priesthood which must interpose itselfnbetween the citizen and reality: journalistsnnot only report the news, but theynmust invest it with the correct meaning asnwell. And so the television networks provideninstant interpretations of addressesnby Presidents and other public figures,nand journalists seem to spend more timenspeculating about the future than theyndo in discovering what has actually hap­nAn American MiscellanynHILLSDALEnREVIEWnIs Capitalism Still Viable?nRussell KirknOxTord, Isaiah Berlin and Human FreedomnB. Nelson OngnThe Role of Law at Bay Valentino E. MartineznDrinks at the Jumping JerusalemnRalph de ToledanonReturn to Verona Linda BridgesnLucien C