The quicknand easynway tonlearn anforeignnlanguage!nBased on the U.S. Militaryn”Speed-up” Methodnof Language LearningnProgrammed for Rapid Learning!nIt’s been scientifically proven that we remembernwords we hear better than words we see. That’s whynyou’ll find the two audiocassettes in each Language /n30 package more useful than all the language booksnmoney can buy. Just start listening to the tapes, repeatnthe foreign phrases a few times and, believe it ornnot, you’ll begin speaking like a native. It’s thatnsimple!nRemember, Language / 30 is a learning tool thatnworks. It incorporates the “speed-up” method of languagenlearning—the same method used to train U.S.ngovernment personnel who work overseas.nWith Language/30, you can practice your targetnlanguage anytime, anywhere. You won t have to setnaside hours just for language study. You can listen tonLanguage / 30 while you’re gettina dressed, eating,ndriving to work, or even jogging, whether you’renstudying French, Russian, Swahili, or any of the othern28 languages listed below, you’ll improve your speakingnfluency and listening comprehension each timenyou play the Language/30 tapes.nSpeak with the Ease of a NativenEach Language/30 program features native voicesnspeaking the most important and commonly usednconversational phrases. You’ll learn all the words younneed to know for greetings, introductions, requests,nand general conversations in hotels, restaurants,nstores, theaters, and other places. And world-renownednlinguist Charles Berlitz, explains the socialncustoms and etiquette of the country.nSo, whether you’re going abroad for a short trip ornan extended stay, you’ll find that the fluency you’vengained from Language/30 will make your visit easier,nmore pleasant, and more enriching. Instead of beingna “stranger in a strange land,” you’ll be able to conversenfreely with the natives in tfieir own language.n1232628.n1232636.n1232644.n1232651.n1366665.n1232669.n1232677.n1232685.n1232693.n1232701.n1232719.nWhich of these 31 languagesnwould you like to speak?nArabicnChinesenDanishnDutchnFinnishnFrenchnGermannGreeknHebrewnHindinIndonesiann1429232. Irishn1232727. Itaiiann1232735. Japanesen1232743. Koreann1429224. Latinn1232750. Norwegiann1232768. Persiann1300375. Polishn1232776. Portuguesen1232784. Russiann1232792. Serbo-CroatiannEach programncomes with twon45-minute cassettesnand a convenientnphrasendictionary in ancompact,n6″ X 7″ waterproofnvinyl case.n1232800. Spanishn1232818. Swahilin1232826. Swedishn1232834. Tagalogn(Filipino)n1363316. Thain1232842. Turkishn1232859. Vietnamesen1516541. Yiddishn1232867. English fornSpanish SpeakersnBarnes & Noble Unconditional GuaranteenYou must be completely satisfied with every item you order from Barnes &nMoble by mail, or you may return it to us, for a full refund.nCREDIT CARD CUSTOMERS CALL TOLL FREEn24 HOURSni:8db-228-3535nIN NEBRASKA l-800-6’t2-9606n• »»»»»««»ii»iinnnBarnes & NoblenBooksellers Since 1873nNamenAddress.nCitynD Checknnn• QnnnExpiration DatenMonth/YearnCredit CardnNumbernSignature.n.State. -Zip.nITEM# QTYnMerchandise TotalnFor deliveries to MA, RA, NY, NJ,nMN & CT: please add applicable sales tax.nAdd $1.75 per tape orderednfor Shipping & InsurancenORDER TOTALnnn7 DAYSnA WEEKnDEPT T574n126 FIFTH AVE.nNY, NY 10011n.Apt.#.nTOTALn