Questionsn1. What are the colors of our flag?n2. How many stars are there in ournflag?n3. What color are the stars on ournflag?n4. What do the stars on the flagnmean?n5. How many stripes are there in thenflag?n6. What color are the stripes?n7. What do the stripes on the flagnmean?n8. How many states are there in thenUnion (United States)?n9. What is the 4th of July?n10. What is the date of IndependencenDay?n11. Independence from whom?n12. What country did we fight duringnthe Revolutionary War?n13. Who was the first President of thenUnited States?n14. Who is the President of the UnitednStates today?n15. Who is the Vice-President of thenUnited States today?n16. Who elects the President of thenUnited States?n17. Who becomes President of thenUnited States if the President shouldndie?n18. For how long do we elect then, President?n19. What is the Constitution?n20. Can the Constitution be changed?n21. What do we call a change to thenConstitution?n22. How many changes or- amendmentsnare there to the Constitution?n23. How many branches are there innour government?n24. What are the three branches ofnour government?n25. What is the legislative branch ofnour government?n26. Who makes the laws in the UnitednStates?n27. What is Congress?n28. What are the duties of Congress?n29. Who elects Congress?n30. How many senators are there innDEPARTMENT OF JUSTICEnImmigration and Naturalization ServicenINS Number: 1218-90nUnited States History/Government Questions and Answers for Adjustmentnof Status from Temporary Resident to Permanent ResidentnCongress?n31. Can you name the two senatorsnfrom your state?n32. For how long do we elect eachnsenator?n33. How many representatives arenthere in Congress?n34. For how long do we elect thenrepresentatives?n35. What is the executive branch ofnour government?n36. What is the judiciary branch ofnour government?n37. What are the duties of the SupremenCourt?n38. What is the supreme law of thenUnited States?n39. What is the Bill of Rights?n40. What is the capital of your state?n41. Who is the current governor ofnyour state?n42. Who becomes President of thenUnited States if the President and thenVice-President should die?n43. Who is the Chief Justice of thenSupreme Court?n44. Can you name the 13 originalnstates?n45. Who said, “Cive me liberty orngive me death”?n46. Which countries were our principalnallies (friends) during World War II?n47. What is the 49th state of thenUnion (United States)?n48. How many terms can a Presidentnserve?n49. Who was Martin Luther King,nJr.?n50. Who is the head of your localngovernment?n51. According to the Constitution, anperson must meet certain requirementsnin order to be eligible to become President.nName one of these requirements.n52. Why are there 100 senators in thenSenate?n53. Who selects the Supreme Courtnjustices?n54. How many Supreme Court justicesnare there?n55. Why did the Pilgrims come tonAmerica?nnn56. What is the head executive of. anstate government called?n57. What is the head executive of ancity government called?n58. What holiday was celebrated fornthe first time by the American colonists?n59. Who was the main writer of thenDeclaration of Independence?n60. When was the Declaration ofnIndependence adopted?n61. What is the basic belief of thenDeclaration of Independence?n62. What is the national anthem ofnthe United States?n63. Who wrote the Star-SpanglednBanner?n64. Where does freedom of speechncome from?n65. What is the minimum voting agenin the United States?n66. Who signs bills into laws?n67. What is the highest court in thenUnited States?n68. Who was President during thenCivil War?n69. What did the Emancipation Proclamationndo?n70. What special group advises thenPresident?n71. Which President is called then”Father of our country?”n72. What is the 50th state of thenUnion (United States)?n73. Who helped the Pilgrims innAmerica?n74. What is the name of the ship thatnbrought the Pilgrims to America?n75. What were the 13 original states ofnthe U.S. called?n76. Name three rights or freedomsnguaranteed by the Bill of Rights.n77. Who has the power to declarenwar?n78. Name one amendment whichnguarantees or addresses voting rights?n79. Which President freed the slaves?n80. In what year was the Constitutionnwritten?n81. What are the first ten amendmentsnof the Constitution called?n(continued next page)nJULY 1990/49n