”Informed, Entertaining, and Ruthless”nThe monthly Rothbard-Rockwell Report, edited b); Murray N. RothbardandUeweUynH. RockweU,Jr.,nis so entertaining you’ll read it standing up at the mailbox. And so hot you’ll want to wear asbestos gloves.nThe RRR covers politics, economics, movies, sports, everything, from a radically anti-state, culturally ultra-conservative viewpoint.nNo wonder all the bad guys, from neo-conservatives to left-libertarians, are going bonkers.nAnd they hate and fear our gossip columnist, Sarah Barton, so you know she’s good. -.nHere are just some of the giants of the Right who read this “old-feshioned, mossbacked,nreactionary, Neanderthal” pubUcation and “love it”nWhy not join them?n”The RRR is the Old Right: uncowed andnuiisubsidized, uiitramnielled and uncompromising.nMay Murray and Lew get tlie ticker taj)e parade tlieyndeserve—^witli the confetti made of Federal Registersnand IRS fonns.”nPatrick]. Biickinan, syndicated columnistn” RRR is tlie finest newsletter in its category’ in thencountry. With every is.sue, I leani sometiiing new, inbetweennthe lauglis. Mumiy, l£w, and Sarali are doing angreat job.”n/>. Allan CarLmn, president, Rockford hislitulen”The RRR is infonned, entertaining, and mtliless.nRockwell and Rothbard figlit under the black flag; theynshow no merq and take no prisoners. I env’ tlieirncourage.”nDr. ‘iTjomas Fleming, editor, CImmiclesn”Among so many zombie publications in thenconservative and libertarian movement, tlie RRR is onenof the few with heart. It cares, deeply and passionately,nabout American liberty. I couldn’t do witlioijt it.”nHoward Phillips, ckiirman, Conservative Caucusn” love Mun-‘ay and Lew, but my favorite is SaralinBarton. How about a photo? Is she as beautiful as she isnperceptive?”nRobert D. Keplxirt.foimder. bijhtion Survival Lettern”It’s brilliant. It’s controversial, provocative,nexciting—it’s fun.’ In a few short niontlis it’s’ leapt to tliencore—tlie heart—of llie liberliirian movement. If you’reninterested in libertarian ideas, you’re nuts to pass it by.”nDaniel Rosenthal, editor, Silver and Gold’Ri}>ortn”The.greatest living enemy of the state and’•’ ;..’,”nhis head hatchet man have really shaken up the . ‘,’ •.nlibertarian movement—which needed about an 8.0,pn .n. the Richter scale. Thank goodness for Murray arid I-ewr” <nand for tlieir provocative and fascinating publication.’;’^, •nDr. Gar)’North, editor, RemmintReview • ‘,. •’•”<;.•n”Every time I read tlie RRR, I find myself thinking;.,nabout it for days afteward. And eventually I realize it’s ••,_”nmade some pennanent change in rnyw’ay of, . .”‘ • ‘ ,,nunderstanding the world. The publication is to be”‘,’. “r.;navoided by anyone who thinks he knows everything ..,..•nand wanls to go on feeling that way.” -nJoseph Sobran,s}’ndicated columnist ,’• •.’n•”.’ in”The RRR is an old-fashioned, mossbacked, •,-.”’/nrextionarj’, Neahdertlial throwback I love it!” .»• ‘ •. “nBob DuPlantier, former editor, TheNeiv American’-.:,-:, ‘nSubscribe now, and you’ll get— along witli 12 months of Rothbard, Rockwell, and Barton— two fe bonuses: Rothbaixl’s “Sociology of the Ayn RandnCult” and Rockwell’s “The Case for Paleo-Libertarianisra.” Read the first issue: If the RRR isn’t everything we say it is, if you aren’t 100% satisfied, we’ll give youn’ “•• afullrefund, and you can keep tlie bonuses with our compliments! .,.nRKRnROTHBARD-ROC^ELLREPORTnSend me the RRR and my free bonuses of “The Sociology of the Ayn Rand Cult” and “The Case for Paleo-Iibertarianism.”n. 12 issues ($49)n. 24 issues ($95)n.36 issues ($139)nMoney-Back GuaranteenIf you’re not completely satisfied with your firstnissue, we’ll send you a 100% refund, and you cannkeep the bonuses! After the first issue, we’ll send youna 100% pro-rata refund. You can’t lose.nCall OurToll-Free Number To ChargenTo Your Credit Card:n1^800-325-7257nPlease printnNAME .nSTREET.ncm’ncheck enclosed or charge my Visa MastercardnAcct.# Exp. Date: _nSignature _nMore Boiuises: Save money and stibscribe lor two years, ;ind you’ll also g(nmoney and siibscrihe for three years, and i;el the hack issues plus a outn:d”^:.-i:’l^-‘^^.'<:nPublished by the Center for Libertarian Studies, P.O. Bo.x 4091, Burlingame, CA 94011nnn.STATE. .ZIP.n