THE ULTIMATEnHOW-TO BOOKnAn explosive novel of enormous HOW-TO proportions.nCrackling entertainment.i… informative and spellbinding.^ Asnmuch fun as a highminded gossip column.3.. .enjoyed it from beginningnto end .. .if you like saga stories, and newspapers, don’t miss this.”nOutrageous metaphors.. .massive and memorable characters … simplyngood reading.5 _ _ .vituperative attack on the Los Angeles Times newspapernand its founding family.. .intriguing novel.^.. .not veiy good.”n1. Publishers Weekly 2. St. Joseph, Missouri News-Press/Gazette 3. Los Angeles Copley’snDaily Breeze 4. Oklahoma Tribune Review 5. Idaho Press 6. Pasadena Star-Newsn7. Los Angeles TimesnALLEN A. KNOLL, PUBLISHERSn14 and more HOW-TO booksnwrapped in one beautiful binding.nRead it to improve your life!nLearn How to:nnn• … reverse the politics of anleading newspaper.n• … beat the unions.n• … make a fortune in realnestate.n• … do inside trading withinnthe law.n• … reap success from failurenafter 40.n• … buy a newspaper from anman who doesn’t want to selln— when you are broke.n• … buy a house with no downnpayment.n• … marry the boss’s daughternwhen the boss hates you.n• … build a music center afternlegions have failed.n• … get a stubborn husband tonchange his mind.n• … build one of the world’snleading cities from a cow town.n• … move your business fromna sorry competitor to totalndominance of the market.n• … get a job you thought wasnrightfully yours after it wasngiven to someone else.n•… get a job in top managementnif the owner can’t stand you.n600 pages, $23.45 ISBN 0-9627297-0-1nAt your favorite bookstore or phone:n(800) 777-7623, fax:(213) 544-3545n