Are You Fed Up With thenOne-Party System innIton, D.C. ?nIf multi-party politics is a good idea for Eastern Europe andnSouth Africa, why not try it here in America?nHelp build a …nI ConstitulionalBudget:Weneedmorenthan a balanced budget. Disapprovenany and al! Federal expenditures whichnare not specifically authorized in thenU.S. Constitution.nI Equal Taxation: The income tax isnnot only an insidious invasion of privacyn— it is totally unnecessary to covernconstitutional spending requirements.nEquality before the law should not dependnon what you earn or what you pay.nI Institutional Reform: Our goal is andepoliticized, degovernmentalizednsociety with market accountability.nAmerica is in trouble, and the politics ofnconventional ambition and politicalnpragmatism are not working.nWe face crises which are. at once,neconomic, geostrategic, institutional, and,nabove all, moral. The dumhing-down ofnschool textbooks, the insidious vulgaritynconveyed on television, and the degradingnhumanist culture portrayed and pun’eyednon our movie screens has helped produce annation of sheep, spectators who reject thenvery premises of our nation’s Godly heritage,nand who too often lack the discernment, ornknowledge of history, to reject then• “No” to the New World Ordern• Abolition of the IRS and the incomentax systemn• Judicial accountabilityn• “No” to the UN, IMF, and WoridnBankn• Execution or restitution to fightncrimen• “No” to abortionn• Term limitationn• No bailout of Gorbachevn• Abolition of civil servicen• No fiat moneyn• Withdrawal from entanglingninternational financial, political, andnU.S.nTAXPAYERSnPARTY … with a new agenda for America!nGovernment regulation and subsidyndiminishes liberty. To the degree thatngovernment exercises legitimate authority,npolitical accountability is essential: electoral,nbureaucratic, andjudicial. We favor tenurenlimits, elimination of pensions for electednofficials, and an end to special advantagesnfor Big Media.nI Religious Liberty and ConstitutionalnRights: Jefferson correctly warned thatn”to compel a man to furnish funds for thenpropagation of ideas he disbelieves andnabhors is sinful and tyrannical.” We willntenninate advocacy subsidies of all kinds,nincluding Federal funding of education,nPRAGMATISM DOESN’T WORK!nincremental, escalating, political confiscatiimnof our individual liberties andnnational autonomy.nTime is not on our side. Time is runningnout. If you want to do something about it,njoin in launching a new movement whichnhas the potential to slow the tide, arid tonturn it.nOur strategy is simple, hut effective: tonestablish a party of principle which willnhave the option of withholding politicalnsupport from either or both major politicalnparties whenever it is determined that thenlesser oftwo evils can be the worst outcomenmilitary alliancesn• No transfers of resources and technologynto America’s enemiesn• Deploy SDln• “No” to gun controlnH Reverse government restrictions on then• development of U.S. energy resourcesnB “No” to pensions for elected officialsn• Eliminate special political privileges fornmedia mogulsnH No government-guaranteed loans.ninvestments, or banking arrangementsnS Restore control of Federal elections to thenstate and local levelnB “No” to environmental extremismnwhile preserving every word of the Bill ofnRights: private property rights and freedornnof association shall not be diminished. Thenright to keep and bear arms shall not beninfringed.n• American Nationalism: We say ‘no”nto the New World Order. Withdraw fromnunaccountable supranational institutions —nUN, IMF, World Bank, etc. Terminatenspecial privileges for central banks andnmulti-national corporations. Deploy SOI.nEnd foreign aid, except to protect vital U.S.nsecurity interests. Rebuild U.S. industrialnstrength with deregulation and abolition ofncorporate-taxes.n•n•nEnd the Social Security taxn”No” to U.S.-funded educationn• Transfer Social Security contributions ton•nBn•n•n•nBnBnindividually protected private retirementnaccountsn”No” to statehood for D.C.nAbolish Federal regulatory commissionsn”No” to quotasnReduce Federal government landnownership and use restrictions ‘n”No” to pro-homosexual subsidies andnregulationsnAbolish the FECnPrivate charity — not governmentnwelfarenHELP MAKE HISTORY! JOIN THE UNITED STATES TAXPAYERS ALLIANCEnI want to help implement the USTA strategy for conservative victory and build a U.S. Taxpayers Party.n• by helping achieve ballot qualificationnQ by becoming or recruiting a candidatenQ by contributing funds. Enclosed is my check, payable to USTA, for:n• S75 (students $25) — USTA Charter Membershipn• S1000— Member. USTA National CommitteenQ S10.000— Member, USTA Executive CommitteenQ Or: •$25 • QSIOO • $250 0 55000 QolherSnQ Please charge my credit card: • MasterCard • VisanAccount number: Exp:nCardholder’s Signature:n• Please send more information about your proposal, strategy, andnprinciples. Enclosed is a check lor S25,n• Please keep me on your mailing listn• Please notify me of training workshops and conventionsnNamenmined Ihe USTA lo be a 50i(c)4 organization, eiempt Irom Federal inoime ta*.nare noi tax deductattle. Corporate and individuai donations are wetcome in any amount.nAddress .nCiiy Zip ,nPhone (optional) (_nofall.nPoliticians like to win elections. If theynneed us to win. and if our price is notn• personal power, patronage, or payoffs,nthey will be forced to reward us in thencurrency of policy and principle—or suffernthe consequences.n’ But our objective is more profound thannto jnerely achieve victory or defeat innparticular electoral contests. Our goal isnto recast the entire dialectic of Americannpolitics away from humanistic, socialistnmaterialism, and back in the direction ofnBiblical, constitutional liberty.nU.S.nTAXPAYERSnALLIANCEn450 Maple Avenue, EastnVienna, Virginia 22180nnnSsp^I^ni.-^f^f sapif-**: Wl^^ln’&^,x /-r ‘-^^n”>’oH have been sold out bynboth major political parties.n”How much longer will younput up with it?n”Join me as a charternmember of the 11. S.nTaxpayers Alliance, and helpnme put America back onnthe right track.”n— Howard PhillipsnMy name is Howard Phillips, and 1 ask younto help me give America a new birth ofnfreedom. . -nSince 1974, I’ve led The ConservativenCaucus (TCC), a non-profit policy actionngroup which has fought for less government,ntraditional American values, andnvictory over Communism.nFor more than 30 years, I’ve beennworking against a corrupt cultural, financial,nand political establishment whichnrejects the heritage of American libertynand has set our beloved country on a tracknto disaster.nDuring the Nixon Administration, asnhead of two U.S-. government agencies—Ingot a solid four-year education in jusi hownbadly the Federal government is permeatednwith waste, corruption, moral cowardice,nand destructive ideological activism.nAs director of the U.S. Office of EconomicnOpporlunity (OEO), 1 madenenemies of whom I remain proud, as Inbattled to terminate grants and contractsnwhich were being used as ideological patronagenfor the radical Left—and fought tonerase “Great Society”-era regulationsnwhich had been carefully crafted to insulatenfrom electoral accountability annational network of well-paid neo-Marxistnorganizations.nAfter a decade of Reagan and Bush, thenWashington-based conservative movementnis at a dead end. Grass roots supportersnhave grown weary of the battle, frustratednby political betrayal, and seeminglynimpotent to achieve significant victoriesnon issues they care about.nThose who control the governmentnhave been only marginally inconveniencednby anti-establishment protest —nbecause, in the context of the present twopartynsystem, “fed up” Americans haven”no place else” to go on election day.nWith your help, that will changenin 1992, and voters across America willnhave an effective means to “throw thenrascals out”.nThat’s why 1 urge you to join me innlaunching a new U.S. Taxpayers Parly,nOUR GOAL: To launch, in time fornthe 1992 elections, a new politicaVnparty which advances principles andnpolicy objectives consistent with thenBible and the Constitution of thenUnited States, whose purpose, both by •nfielding its own candidates, and by coendorsing,nwhere appropriate,ncandidates of other parties, is lonestablish, in the context of the Americannpolitical process, a right standardnfor civil government and an electoralnrallying point for those who, innagreement with our purposes, choosento join us.nSTATEMENT OF PURPOSE: Wenproceed from the premise that the onlynlegitimate purpose of civil governmentnis to safeguard our God-given rightsnto life, liberty, and property^,n