names like the Coalition for Immigrantrnand Refugee Rights and Services (and itsrnWomen’s Task Force), Equal Rights Advocates,rnand the Legal Aid Society ofrnSan Mateo County, this illegal alien gettogetherrnwas championed by such peoplernas Elissevet Stamatopoulou, Chief of thernUnited Nations Center for HumanrnRights, who was quoted as saying, “[W]ernhave to shake things up.” At age 67, Irncan remember a time when someonernlike this U.N. interloper would have beenrnfirst punched in the nose and then runrnout of town for daring to dictate the lawsrnof this country to its citizens or to defendrnthe people who contemptuously breakrnthem. As for those presumably Americanrncitizens who label themselves proimmigrantrnrights advocates, the booingrnthey would have received from theirrnloyal American counterparts at such arnmeeting even 20 years ago would havernsent them scampering as well.rnIt is inconceivable to me that truernAmericans can stand by and allowrnthemselves to be chastised by membersrnof foreign governments (like Ms. Stamatopoulou)rnfor not putting a round-theclockrnguard on female illegal aliens whornwalk over our borders uninvited. Yetrnthey blinked not an eye at the “threat” ofrnhaving the results of the March 8 inquisitionrnturned over to the U.N. WorldrnConference on Human Rights, held inrnVienna last June.rnWhat’s more terrifying than the factrnthat American citizens seem to have hadrntheir courage and loyalty sucked up by arngiant political vacuum cleaner is thatrnthey are not even aware of what is reallyrnbehind such “human rights hearings”rnfor illegal aliens. Simply put, there hasrnbeen a concerted attempt by those withrna vested interest in opening our country’srnborders to abolish the INS as a law enforcementrnagency and to utilize its personnelrnto expedite the relocation of morernimmigrants to this country. The nextrnstep will naturally be to disband the borderrnpatrol completely, since we will havernno use for it with open borders.rnIf anyone views these comments withrnskepticism, I suggest he get hold of arncopy of the October 26,1992, Los AngelesrnTimes and read an editorial entitledrn”Bush vs. Clinton: What Would Be thernBest Immigration Policy?” This articlerndescribes how a “border-effort” consolidationrnwould merge all of our immigrationrnagencies into one and “focusrnmore resources and attention on helpingrnimmigrants assimilate into U.S. life.”rnThe editorial also tells of “anotherrngood idea quietly working its wayrnthrough government policy circles inrnMexico City” that would have Mexicornhelping the United States regulate thernflow of Mexican workers into this country.rnYet there is nothing quiet about thernindividuals who are feverishly workingrnto destroy America as a Western civilizationrn—with our tax dollars. (You can berncertain they have not spent money out ofrntheir own pockets to put on debacles likernthe one last March or to send an emissaryrnto Vienna with a report on America’srncruelty to illegal aliens.) America isrnjoining the ranks of those countriesrnwhose conquered citizens strew flowersrnbeneath the feet of their invaders.rnAs one of the countless thousands ofrnAmerican citizens who vehemently opposedrnZoe Baird’s appointment to thernoffice of U.S. Attorney General, I toornwas highly gratified to find that our righteousrnprotests were successful. Yet unlikernmost of those citizens who bombardedrnthe switchboards and EX machines ofrnour capital to vent outrage at an individualrnwho had brazenly violated our nation’srnimmigration laws, I was not readyrnfor a victory parade since I realized thatrnBaird’s rejection was just one small battlernin the prolonged war against therngrowing invasion of illegal aliens andrnagainst those like Baird who aid and abetrntheir presence in our country.rnAs a matter of fact, news of Baird’s rejectionrnwasn’t even official before I hadrnbegun to find out how and why the employmentrnagencies that recruit illegalrnaliens for American employers are allowedrnto profit from violating our country’srnimmigration laws. First, I contactedrnthe agent in charge of the Hartford, Connecticut,rnImmigration and NaturalizationrnService and asked what steps, if any,rnhad been taken to investigate the twornemployment agencies there that hadrnbeen mentioned in the press as suppliersrnof illegal alien help. The answer: “Nothing.”rnThe explanation? “There are onlyrnsix INS agents in Connecticut to overseerna population of three-and-a-half million.”rnThen I contacted the office of CaliforniarnState Senator Quentin Kopp (anrnoutspoken opponent of illegal immigration)rnand requested his help in alertingrnthe California State Labor Boardrn(which licenses employment agencies)rnand the INS to the fact that Californiarnhas numerous businesses that solicitrnillegal aliens as employees for affluentrnresidents. I also asked that he immediatelyrninitiate an investigation of suchrnbusinesses and that he encourage enforcementrnof employer sanction laws.rnFor those of you unfamiliar with thesernlaws, they are part of the 1986 ImmigrationrnAct, which declared amnesty forrnall illegal aliens who could prove continuousrnresidence in the United States sincernbefore 1982, as well as meet certain otherrnminimum requirements. This legislationrnentitled millions of illegal aliens to arn”green card,” or work permit, which allowedrnthem to work in this country indefinitely.rnIt also subjected employersrnwho hired immigrants without this legalrnproof of residency to varying fines.rnYet in spite of this law, the hiring ofrnillegal aliens continues unabated. PattyrnSiegel, executive director of the CaliforniarnChild Care Resources and ReferralrnNetwork, estimates that among Californiarnfamilies with children under one yearrnold where both parents are working professionalsrnmore than one-third rely onrnillegal aliens for their child care. In LosrnAngeles, by some estimates, 80 percentrnof all domestics are hired illegally. And,rnas the Los Angeles Times reported thisrnJanuary, INS largely allows such practicesrnto go unchallenged. What we witnessedrnin the case of Zoe Baird was justrna skirmish. The switchboards and FAXrnmachines of our elected officials functionrnevery day: we must bombard themrnuntil the war against the invaders of ourrncountry (and those who assist them) isrnwon.rnContrary to the popular belief thatrnillegal aliens must become proficient inrnEnglish, possess a general knowledge ofrnour nation’s history, and understandrngovernment procedure to qualify for permanentrnresidency, all that our amnestyrnprogram (a result of the 1986 ImmigrationrnAct) required until recently wasrnthat applicants attend certain “approved”rnclasses for a minimum of 40rnhours. Ask the average American whatrnthe amnesty program is and undoubtedlyrnhe will reply that it is funded by thernfederal government for the purpose ofrneducating illegal aliens so that they canrnmeet the qualifications for residency orrncitizenship. But nothing could be furtherrnfrom the truth.rnFor those illegal aliens who can’trn(sometimes after more than 15 years ofrnDECEMBER 1993/45rnrnrn