FJwa: GREAT TOPICS—GREAT ISSUESrnif.rnPRIVATE JUSTICE—JANUARY 1998—ThomasrnFleming on private justice, Michael Hill on Celtic revenge,rnBarry Baldwin on blood feuds, and Jeremy Blackrnon how the state monopolizes violence. Plus DavidrnKopel on burglary and the armed homestead, Stephen P.rnHalbrook on Switzerland and its armed citizenry, andrnGeoffrey Wagner on whipping in the West Indies.rnNATION UNDER GOD—December 1997—ThomasrnFleming praises intolerance, D, George Leech outlines arnChristian foreign policy. William A. Donohue discussesrnthe last respectable bias-anti-Catholicism, Llewellyn H.rnRockwell, Jr., shows why the Christian right needsrnEcon. 101, and Harold O.J. Brown questions the ethicsrnof clergy.rnIDENTITY POLITICS—November 1997—ThomasrnHeming on race as the American religion, Samuel Francisrnon the witch-hunts of Morris Dees, Jacob Neusner on secularrnJudaism, and Joseph Fallon on the politics of Hispanicrnidentity. Plus Justin Raimondo on the black war onrnAsians in San Francisco, and Mark Tooley on the churchrnbuming hoax.rnIMPERIAL PRESIDENCY—October 1997—Patrick J.rnBuchanan on Mr. Lincoln’s War, Samuel Francis on therndemise of checks and balances, Llewellyn Rockwell onrnexecuUve branch evils, and Donald Livingston andrnThomas Naylor on the real meaning of the Pledge of .Allegiance.rnPlus Thomas Fleming on how Presidents becamernour masters.rnEDUCATION AND THE AMERICAN ELITE—rnSeptember 1997—John Lukacs says “To Hell WithrnCollege,” George Watson on elitism and its virtues, J.O.rnTate on the reign of “red diaper” babies in academe, andrnHerb London on parietals past and present. Plus RichardrnWilbur on good manners and good literature, andrnScott Southworth on the forced funding of studentrnradicalism.rnTHE MEANING OF DEATH—August 1997—BillrnKauffman on the costs of war, Michael Hill on thingsrnworih dying for, Allan Carlson on the new euthanasia pill,rnand Barry Baldwin on the case for capital punishment.rnPlus Frank Brownlow’s review of Alias Shakespeare byrnJoseph Sobran and Justin Raimondo”s report on GeorgernSoros.rnNATIONAL SUICIDE—lulv 1997—Thomas Flemingrnon letiming a lesson from the Czechs. Curtis Cate onrnthe French debate over immigration, R.J. Stove onrnPauline Hanson’s influence in Australia, Justin Raimondornon the future of the Pacific Northwest, WilliamrnMurchison on why Mexico lost Texas, and GregoryrnMcNamee on the state of Native Americans.rnMANIFEST DISASTER—June 1997—ThomasrnFleming on the new imperialism, Samuel Francis onrnglobalism and its consequences, Joseph Sobran on therncase for anti-Americanism. Srdja Trifkovic on America’srnrole in the Balkans, and James George Jattas onrnbenevolent global hegemony. Plus Rajko Dolecek’srnLetter from Pale, and Justin Raimondo on David Horowitzrnand the ex-communist confessional.rnUTOPIAS UNLIMITED—May 1997—ThomasrnFleming on the worid of W.S. Gilbert, Thomas Bertonneaurnon the death of science fiction, Jesse Walker onrnthe cult of Philip K. Dick, and Scott P. Richert on thernX-Files. Plus Samuel Francis reviews the latest biographyrnof H.P. Lovecraft, and August Derieth’s lastrneditor recalls the founding of Arkham House.rnSQUEEZE PLAY: THE CONSERVATIVE MIDDLErn—April 1997—Samuel Francis on the GOP flop,rnMark Royden Winchell on paleoconservatism, GeorgernWatson on the strange friendship between conservativesrnand the free mai’ket, Martin Mawyer on the future of thernChristian right, and Paul Gottfried on Martin LutherrnKing. Jr., as con.servaIie hero.rnNEW WORLD CULTURE: MMM, MMM,rnGOOD?—March 1997—Bill Kauffman on life onrnPlanet Hollywood, David Hackett Fischer on multiculturalism’srnassault on scholarship, Jesse Walker on RayrnDavies and the Kinks as localists. and Michael Hill onrnthe New Reconstruction of the South. Plus fomierrnambassador Frank Ruddy on “An Revoir. Boutros.”rnTHE SERVILE STATE CRACKS DOWN—Februaryrn1997—Thomas Fleming on why everybody gonnarnpay tax today, Samuel Francis on the new federal policernstate. Sarah J. McCarthy on why Uncle Sam is notrntrusted, and U.S. Congressman Don Manzullo on judicialrntaxation without representation.rnfrnI ‘•”””•’••rnP • •” ‘s m ii >,^rn~”«.1E„rnyp’f , %rnmi ‘-^ ”’ •.’^’ mm.1 • ‘ ‘irnhirn’WK’ ^mi(^rn*°HDrnBACK ISSUE ORDER FORMrnto 4 issues $7.00 each; 5 to 9 issues $5.00 eaeh; 10 or more issues $4.50 eaeh (postage ani^ handling included’rnDate Oh. Cost L”)ate Qtx. Costrnlanuary 1998rnDecember 1997rnNoember 1997rnOctober 1997rnSeptember 1997rn,’ueust 1997rnJul’ 199″rnJune 1997rnMay 199″rn.pril 199″rnMarch 1997rnFebruan 1997rnName __rnAddressrnTotal Qt’. Total $rnM,iL wn It CHECK ro: CHRONICLES • P.O. Box 800 ‘ Mi. MORRIS, I I 61054. <• OK ro ORDKRBYCRi.rax CARD, c.aiLL: 1-800-397-8160rnrnrn