not have time for. The promise is seldom kept: many people reasonable, though perhaps it is merely a rationalization ofnstop reading entirely, and most of the remainder read only in my own joy. Scientists, as we know, deal in probabilitiesnspecialized fields. That must not happen.nrather than, as was once thought, in absolute laws. AnythingnIt would be pretentious of me to try to tell you all the that happens with a probability of, say, ten to the millionthnreasons why reading is vital. The most important reason, I power to one, is pretty much a sure thing. If the theory ofnexpect, is that reading is a cheap, entertaining, and safe way evolution has any validity (I regard it as somewhat silly, anto experience a great deal more of life than is otherwise confirmation of Chesterton’s comment that people whonpossible or even desirable. For instance, you don’t have to don’t believe in Cod will believe in anything), if it does havenrob and kill an old lady to experience the guilty torment of any validity, I say, what do you suppose the probability ofnsoul that would follow; simply read Dostoyevsky’s Crime man’s existence is? I am speaking of the movement upnand Punishment. What I am saying is that good literature through the countless environmental changes and mutationsndeals with reality in the only way it is meaningful, by making necessary for the evolution from primordial ooze to humani­nus know it as an internal, subjective experience — as opty. I can assure you that it is considerably more farfetchednposed to the sciences, physical or social, which deal in than a ten-to-the-millionth-power-to-one shot; it is approxi­nobjectified abstractions from reality. For example, there are mately as likely as the spontaneous transformation of everynmassive quantities of data that purport to analyze and atom in this room into an atom of plutonium.ndescribe social life in Chicago between the two world wars; And given the existence of man, the probabilities againstnbut those are only numbers, and if one wants to know what my own existence — or yours — are again as high as thosenit was really like to live there at the time, one turns to the against the existence of man. You can attribute this to God,nnovels of James Farrell.nor to big bangs, or to sheer blind luck; all I can do is shoutnEnough of that. I promised you four suggestions, and so hallelujah, I got here! My Cod, I got here! In the face of thisnfar have offered only three. The other prerequisite for living colossal fact, I must exult in my gratitude, for everything elsensanely in an insane world is an attitude toward life, which I is trivial: no matter what the uncertainties, whether thingsncan describe no further than as gratitude and joy in the very are better or worse, whether I am hungry or well fed,nfact of one’s existence, and in the existence of one’s fellow whether I am sick or healthy, or cold or comfortable, ornhuman beings. The cynic responds, why should one be honored and respected, or despised and kicked and beaten,njoyful in life, when in no time it is followed by death, and even that I shall soon be leaving, all is trivial compared to thenwhen with each man’s death the whole universe, to him, miracle that I got here. Fellow miracles, let us rejoicenceases to exist? 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