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Yournget handsome full-color reproductions of great worksrnof art, questions about each painting, background onrnthe artist, suggested activities and research options.rnAll viewed from the eyes of Christians like you whornunderstand that true art is a gift from God and mustrnreflect God’s beauty and glory!rn• WHAT IS THE BEST WAY FOR CHILDREN TOrnLEARN? Read, read, read. Our Living Literaturernfeature chooses the best books for you. Then,rnbeginning with an excerpt or synopsis, provides arncomprehensive lesson that integrates as many subjectsrnas possible using discussion questions and step-by-steprnactivities for several age levels — and gives you furtherrnreading recommendations.rn• COMPLETE UNIT STUDY LESSONS withrneverything you need: description and background forrneach topic, questions, discussion suggestions andrnactivities that integrate history, geography, culture andrnmore, plus additional reading and resources.rn• SOLVING MOM’S GREATEST CHALLENGE.rnLooking for something that keeps the little ones busyrnwhile you work with the older ones — and teaches atrnthe same time? Here’s your answer. Ready-made.rneasy — and parent-proven — activities that are justrnright for your preschoolers.rn• SOUND BIBLE-BASED SCIENCE MATERIAL ISrnPRETTY HARD TO FIND, ISN’T IT? Our SciencernCorner helps fill in the gaps and includes lessons,rnactivities and additional resources.rn• NEED TEACHING HELP FROM A PRO? We havernthe solution: Ask Dr. Beechick. Noted teaching expertrnand author, Ruth Beechick, answers your questionsrnand guides you with wise and practical advice basedrnon her years of teaching and experience working withrnhomeschoolers.rn• ANY PARENT KNOWS HOW DIFFICULT IT ISrnTO DIRECT TEENS. Don’t throw up your hands.rnWorking with Teens suggests posinve projects likernhomeschool participation in a Mock Trial, and guidesrnyou in areas like preparing for the SATs and ACTs,rnOften written by teens themselves, it provides thernframework for independent study and projects for yourrnolder children,rn• HOW DO YOU DEVELOP THE CONFIDENCErnTO TEACH? Editor Debbie Strayer, a homeschoolingrnmom, author of several curriculum books and holderrnof a Masters degree in education, escorts you throughrnthe tough times with wise biblically-based advice,rn• INSIDE THE FAMILY. Strategies for everydayrnliving from Dr. Dale Simpson, father of five,rnhomeschooler, and a licensed psychologist whornpractices from a Chrisdan perspective.rn• MEDIA NEWS AND REVIEWS. The best ofrncurriculum books and resources, computer software,rnchildren’s books, books for Mom and Dad — all fromrnpeople you tnist. Let’s face it, 90% of the books secularrnpublishers produce are awful. We alert you to thatrnsmall percentage of new books that you need to knowrnabout and those that are suitable for your children.rnPlus we give you lips on forgotten gems.rn•FORGOTTEN WISDOM. Great quotes collectedrnby Joan McCaffrey, mother of six and grandmother ofrn20, from known and unknown writers — quotes thatrnare memorable, short, and powerful aids in formingrnyour teen’s character.rn• BRINGING AMERICA’S HISTORY TO LIFE.rnPersonal accounts and period literature from diaries,rnnewspapers, letters, speeches and official documentsrnof the past. We find and reprint them for you, savingrnyou hours of time searching through used-book storesrnand libraries, not to menfion saving you hundreds ofrndollars.rnEven more important for Christianrnparents: these original sources illustraternthe Christian spirit that used to be partrnof American life (and can be again onernday).rn• TEACHING THOUGHT: THE CHRISTIANrnWORLDVIEW AND ITS OPPONENTS. DernToqueville, the framers of the ConstituUon, RobertrnBork, Darwin, Edmund Burke. Russell Kirk, Marx.rnLincoln, Keynes, Are your children familiar with theirrnideas? Which are good, which evil? Are you confidentrnthat someday they will be able to defend the good onesrnand debunk the bad ones? Our easy-to-understandrnlessons start them on the way.rnRarely does one magazine yield such rewards.rnHomeschooling Today takes the mystery out ofrnteaching for you. 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