DlSPENSATlOriSnTHE FUTURE OF SOUTH AFRICAnAS SOUTH AFRICANS SEE ITnRlCHAIU)JOHriNEUHAUSn”South Africa has needed explication by an observer who is at once a rigorousnChristian idealist, and a shrewd and practical observer. To have this, innaddition to the elegant journalistic sfeills of Richard John Neuhaus is, well,nprovidential.” _ wiLLIAM F. BUCiaEY, IR.n”No matter what your political perspective is on South Africa, Pastor Neuhaus’snbooh is compelling reading. This book provides a close-up view of the men andnwomen who will play a prominent role in deciding the destiny of this troublednland. The author has woven the history,nreligious backgrounds, and politicalnCloth, $16.95 ^^^^^ beliefs of South Africans into ancompelling narrative. He hasnsuccessfully captured the complexitiesnof South Africa and the neednfor a new sense of nationhood andnbrotherhood if this rich and variednland is to survive and prosper.”n-STEPHEN |. SOLARZnU.S. House of RepresenlafivesnThrough long interviews and hisnown commentary, Neuhausnshows how a wide spectrum ofnSouth Africans see the future:nfrom conservative and reformistnwhites and Zulu chief Buthelezinto the mixed-race racfical Boesak,nBiship Tutu, and the ANCnspokesman who sees nonalternative to armed struggle.n… This presents a wide rangenof opinions, including manynvoices not generally heardn'”*^”-*” -BOOKUSTnjslVC”nnnAt your bookstore, or write:n^WM. B. EERDMANSnPUBLISHING Co.nIJS Itll hRSON AVE. S.E. / GRAND RAPIDS, MICH. 49503n