THE MONUMENTAL LITERATURE OF DWARFSn. .. CONTINUES.nTHE^^ ROCKFORD PAPERS’ newnseries, “The Monumental Literature ofnDwarfs,” continues its critical look at contemporarynAmerican literature with essaysnon the following celebrated authors:nTHE REJECTIONIST SCHOOL. IsnJohn Barth the dean of a new school ofnnovel-writing that will push the traditionnforward, and is Robert Coover one of thenbrightest pupils — or are both, and others,nmerely facile creators of surfaces? BiycenChristensen looks below the facades ofnthese writers.nNORMAN MAILER. Is he Still the greatnwhite hope of American literature or annartifact of ideological follies? Edward J.nWalsh examines the author of The Nakednand the Dead.nJOSEPH HELLER. Is he the leadingnsatirist of the modem bureaucratic mind,nor is he merely the chronicler of banalities?nJoseph Schwartz examines the author ofnCatch 22 and less-memorable works.nWILLIAM GASS. Some think him thenmost philosophical of American writersntoday, while others see his search fornphilological essences on a par with seekingnthe center of an onion. Lee Congoionnlooks at the author of In the Heart of thenHeart of the Country.n”… some of the best conservative writingnof recent times.”nOur writing on such issues as the ColdnWar, liberalism, education, the media, thenNew Right and the Moral Majority hasnbrought favorable mention in publicationsnas diverse as the Washington Post,nNew Oxford Reuiew and the CongressionalnRecord.nPeregrine Worsthome, associate editornof London’s Sunday Telegraph, says: “1nalways benefit from reading The RockfordnPapers which seems to me to includensome of the best conservative writing ofnrecent times.”nIt’s the kind of writing that earned usnthe Freedoms Foundation’s 1981 GeorgenWashington Honor Medal.nWhy not join our growing list ofnreaders? Sendf us your coupon today sonyou don’t miss a single issue of our newnseries.nSend to:nTHEnROCKFORDnPAPERSn934 North MainnRockfonl,IL 61103nD Enclosed is ^11.00. Start my one-yearnsubscription to THE ROCKFORD PAPERSnwith your January issue on The RejectionistnSchool — and rush me your seriesnback issues on Kurt Vonnegut, WilliamnStyron, Marilyn French/Maiy Ciordon,nE.L. Doctorow and Gore Vidal which Inmissed.nD Enclosed is ?6.00. Start my one-year (sixnbimonthly issues) subscription to THEnROCKFORD PAPERS with your Januarynissue on The Rejectionist School.nD Bill me for $11.00.nNAME (please print)nADDRESSncnvnSTATE ZIPnnnJCCn