espoused by the new left-^the morenconfrontational the better. Were thennews media less inclined to present theirnmaterial in such a way as to camouflagenthe more radical behavior of such groups,nthis would be self-evident.nJrinally, consider the implications ofnlegal status for homosexuals within thenconfines of the civil-rights movement itselfnThere wUl be freedom for “gays” tonrecruit, teach, and indoctrinate the youthnof the country. This was akeady in thenGay Rights Plank of 1972. Further, then”rights” of children to have sex, i.e., to benexploited sexually, would be difficult tonregulate at best; the NAMBLA position isnthat “the age of sexual consent is justnone of the many ways in which adultsnimpose their system of controls onnchildren.” The Eulenspiegel Society’sncreed states, “Our special concern isnfreedom for sexual minorities and particularlynthe rights of those whose sexualitynembraces S/M or dominant/submissivenfantasies and urges.” Among thenrights this creed asserts is: “The right tonchallenge established value systemsnwhich oppress by condemning and repressingnsexual drives or practices ofnerotic minorities The right to publicizenactivities and views—freely . . .nthereby raising the consciousness ofnboth the public and ourselves.” This is tonbe accomplished through “public forumsnand workshops on S/M . . . providingnspeakers for all forms of media, colleges,nand other audiences.” And individualngroups within the broader homosexualnmovement have even more far-reachingngoals. The following are the gist of amplificationsnof the Penal Code Revisionnsought by the Rene Guyon Society: analnintercourse is recommended for malenand female children of age 4 “and sometimesnsooner” with teenagers or oldernmales; oral intei-course for male andnfemale children is recommended at thensame age with a “tiny child, teenager, ornolder male’s penis” (we are told that thisnwill put an “end to thumbsucking”);nheterosexual intercourse is recommendednfor females of” 10,11, or 12″ with anSURVEYnTWO SPECIAL ISSUESnPOLAND UNDERnJARUZELSKInParti, Vol. 26, No. 3(116)nPartll, Vol. 26, No. 4(117)nThe “state of war” has been suspended, but the war goesnon. These two special issues of SURVEY on Self-nOccupation and Resistance in Poland provide a vividnpicture of the struggle of the Polish people against thenregime’s attempt to re-impose totalitarian control over ansociety which recovered its sense of identity and freedomnin the period of SoUdarity. SURVEY conveys to thenWestern reader an understanding of the issues involved,na feeling of the continuing historical movement, andntelling glimpses of some of the protagonists: Jaruzelski,nRakowski, Urban, Walesa, Bujak, Glemp. It gives anunique insight into the wider implications of Polishndevelopments in terms of East-West relations, andnscrutinizes Western attitudes to them.nIt also contains a sensational Party document which hasnnever been disclosed:nThe Polish Counterpart to Khrushchev’snSecret SpeechnAnnual subscription: UK £17 US $39 Elsewhere £20nSingle copies: UK £5 US $11 Elsewhere £6nSURVEY Editorial office:nIlford House, 133 Oxford Street, London WIR ITDnEnglandn(Tel. 01-734 0592)nSURVEY Subscription Office:n59 St. Martin’s Lane, London WC2 4JS, Englandn(Tel. 01-836 4194)nnnAugust 1983n