RELIEF FROMnMAGAZINE MUSHnAND ME-TOOISMnEach issue of Chronicles of Culture providesnthose who thought the days of vital, compellingnwriting were past with evidence to the contrary.nYou, dear reader, may insure the continued feelingnof cerebral well-being that comes from absorbingnthe contents of each issue simply by detaching thencard that accompanies this page and forwardingnit—filled in—along with your check.nIn return, your steadfast editors agree to send youna year’s supply of Chronicles of Culture—12 issuesnbrimming with an articulate mix of criticism, review,nand comment.nOur promise: to deliver a continuous supply ofnoriginal and precise thinking and writing. Nonsmall task, but one in which we exult—so thatnyou may, too.nChronicles of CulturenThe decidedly articulate antidotento magazine mush and me-tooism.nnn