On Finding a RefugernChronicles is by far the best political/culturalrnjournal in America today and, unfortunately,rnthe only consistent voice ofrntraditional, rooted conservatism. Yourrnunapologetic defense of Christianity andrnWestern civilization offers some hopernthat both might enjoy a rebirth before it isrntoo late.rnI am a refugee from the “mainstream”rnconservative press. I had known aboutrnChronicles for some time but did not subscribernuntil a couple of years ago. I wishrnI had done it much sooner. The qualit)’rnof writing is excellent. The views expressedrnare well thought out, although Irndo not alwa’s agree with everything Irnread: I think national missile defense is arngood idea, the Cold War was mostlyrnworth fighting (despite its very real costs),rnand the South was not wholly blamelessrnin the Civil War.rnOn most other points, I heartih’ agreernwith vou. Mass immigration is nationalrnsuicide and harmful to immigrants asrnwell. P’ree-trade agreements such asrnNAFTA are simultaneously destroyingrnAmerica’s industrial base and strengtheningrnLeviathan. Over the past ten years,rnthe foreign policy of the United Statesrnhas been perverse. Our intervention inrnthe Balkans was unjust and stupid, andrnour continued brutal embargo of Iraq isrnlikewise immoral. In short, the ColdrnWar is over and, as you have said, it isrntime for America to come home. Thernculture of the entire West is decadent,rnwith rampant abortion and every sort ofrndeviancy exalted. And the monstrousrnfederal welfare/regulator}’/police apparatusrnneeds to be dismantled —not in orderrnto benefit Wall Street manipulators andrnthe Fortune 500 but to free Americanrnfamilies to live independently.rnYou have exen changed my mindrnabout Abraham Lincoln, who I now considerrna tyrant who dragged this countryrnthough an unnecessary and bloody warrnthat went a long way toward destroyingrnstate sovereignt}’ and creating the all-powerfulrngovernment we now suffer under.rnI am certainly not a wealthy subscriber,rnbut I have some extra money, and Irnam happy to make a contribution to thisrnindispensable journal. My only regret isrnthat, ten years ago (when I was in college),rnI decided to go into a business careerrnrather than pursue my true interests.rnIf I had done what I should have done, I’drnbe writing essays for Chronicles instead ofrnlong, rambling letters to the editor.rn—Anthony J. WawrzynskirnWestlake, OHrnOn SuffragernI so thoroughly enjoy Chronicles and thernvarious writers that you feature that I hesitaternto single out a particular article forrncomment. But “Modern Elections andrnHead of Households” by Aaron D. Wolfrn(View’s, February) requires a note. Irncould hardly believe my eyes as I read thernarticle. This kind of thinking is not to bernexpressed in this dav and age. I wanted torncheer as I read it. Keep it coming. Andrnthank you for adding Aaron Wolf to yourrnstaff. A job well done!rn—Bruce PrenticernAllendale, MIrn”The college education I never had.”rnThat’s how more than one reader has described Chronicles: A Magazine ofrnAmerican Culture. Chronicles makes an ideal graduation gift, both for thernstudent about to enter cohege and the one embarking on his career. Andrnright now, when you give a gift subscription to someone else at our specialrnintroductory rate of only $19, you can renew your own subscription for onlyrn$28 ($11 off of our normal rate). So do the student in your life a favor —andrnsave some money as well.rnPlease enter the following gift subscription. JrnSend Chronicles as my gift to: Your information:rnN a Hit-rnAdd lessrnNamernAdtlr.rnCily/St;Uc/Zip Cit Siale/Ziprn• I have entered a gift subscription for $19. Please renew my subscriptionrnat the low rate of $28. (I have enclosed a check for $47.)rnTo order by credit card, please callrn1-800-877-5459rnPlease make check payable to Chronicles: A Magazine of American Culture,rnP.O. Box 800, Mount Morris, IL 61054rnMAY 2001/5rnrnrn