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As MadelainenMurray O’Hair, the Roman Catholic,nonce said, “The Devil you say!”nPerhaps the only thing that a libertariannand a LaRouchite could agree onnwould be that LaRouche is not a libertarian.nLibertarians have very little usenfor a demagogue whose preferred instrumentnof policy is the concentrationncamp. Please retract this embarrassment,nor I’ll be forced to add Chroniclesnto the list of those implicated in theninternational conspiracy.n— Dave BurnsnAustin, TexasnMr. Bums and the other readers whoncalled us on this point are quite right,nand we most certainly do regret thenerror.n— The EditorsnOn ‘Letter Fromnthe Heartland’nBeing the woman Jane Greer describednin her entertaining caricature calledn”The Candidate” (November 1988), Inremarked the haughtiness of her perch.nAlthough I have never met Mrs.nGreer, I am not sorry that she feelsnsuperior to me. She also feels superiornto the worid’s greatest head of state.nPresident Ronald Reagan, and that putsnme in rather high-class company.nStill, when she crooks her little fingernand uses “one” as a pronoun, saying ofnme, “One cringes to think of her atndinner with heads of state,” I must tellnher that I already have been and that Innever act boorish at elegant dinners.nI’ll probably never be seated betweennKhomeini and Ortega, but if that werento happen, I think I could handle it. .I’dnbe as couth as George and Barbara andnprobably more so than Michael andnKitty. Certainly I would not be asnnngauche as Hamilton Jordan, who told annEgyptian woman dignitary at a WhitenHouse function that her necklace restednnicely between the pyramids.nMrs. Greer’s putdown of my socialngraces bothers me less than her enormousnignorance of politics. I love hernPlains Poetry Journal, but she’s out ofnher depth in politics.nHer desultory interest in the mechanicsnof politics led her to saddle menwith an egregious lie. She matched antrue anecdote to the wrong RepublicannCommittee and the wrong politicalnrace, creating a scenario of Republicansnadvising me to run against anRepublican senator. I want to make itnclear that the “kook” who created thatnfabrication was Mrs. Greer, not I.n—Mary Jane RachnernSt. Paul, MNnOn ‘Hard Livingnon Easy Street’nAssociate Professor Dan McMurrynclaims (August 1988) that there are nonhomeless in Murfreesboro, Tennessee. Inurge him to take a better look. I concedenthat there is little problem with homelessnpeople actually sleeping on thenstreet in Murfreesboro, though therenhave been instances sighted. However,nthere is a high number of people whonbecome homeless in Murfreesboro duento evictions or being thrown out by anfriend or relative. In the past twonmonths, I have received 15 phone callsnfrom social service workers. Legal Services,nand homeless individuals themselves.nAll of these callers were fromnMurfreesboro, and all were looking fornhelp for a homeless person or family. Innaddition to these cases, there are surelynmore that go uncounted.nMcMurry also states that the reasonnthat there are no homeless in Murfreesboronis because services for them do notnexist there. His argument is typical:ncreate or develop services for the homeless,nand you’ll get a homeless problem.nHere, I must borrow a wonderful responsenfrom a Catholic priest in Nashville,nwho has been extremely active innserving that city’s homeless population:n