OPINIONSnRevolution in Technology, the Arts, and Politics 34n— Shifting Gears: Technology, Literature, Culture innModernist America by Cecelia Tichin— The Futurist Moment: Avant-Garde, Avant Guerre, and thenLanguage of Rupture by Marjorie Perloffnby James W. TuttletonnThe Rubble of Reconstruction 36n— The South as It Is, 1865-1866 by John R. Dennettn— The Legal Fraternity and the Making of a New SouthnCommunity,1848-l882 by Gail Williams O’Brienn— Christian Reconstruction: The American MissionarynAssociation and Southern Blacks, 186L1890 by Joe M.nRichardsonnby James J. Thompson Jr.nThe Prankster From Tripoli 38n— Qaddafi and the Libyan Revolution by David Blundy andnAndrew Lycettnby Antony T. SullivannBetter War Than Troubles 39n— The Gun in Politics: An Analysis of Irish PoliticalnConflict, 1916-1986 by J. Boyer Bellnby Thomas McGoniglenCriticism Lite 40n— The Moronic Inferno and Other Visits to Americanby Martin Amisnby Gregory J. SullivannAmerican Sentinel 41n— Orthodoxy: The American Spectator AnniversarynAnthology, edited by R. Emmett Tyrrell Jr.nby Matthew KaufmannVITAL SIGNSnPOP CULTUREnMusic of the Peers by Gary Vasilash 54nnnCORRESPONDENCEnLetter From Minneapolis bynHerbert SchlossbergnLetter From SouthnPhiladelpliia by J. MichaelnBolinskinLetter From the Southwest bynOdie FaulknLetter From the Lower Rightnby John Shelton ReednLetter From the Heartland bynJane GreernLetter From Albion by AndreinNavrozovnPOLEMICS & EXCHANGESn42n43n46n48n49n50nOn ‘Back to Nature’ 55nDEPARTMENTSnPOETRYnTo Clare by James Michie 15nREVISIONSnThe Scoundrels’ Refuge: The 11nPatriot Came: Canada andnthe Canadian QuestionnRevisitednLIBERAL ARTS 38nBOOKS IN BRIEF 8, 5inSUBSCRIBER SERVICEnMissing Issues If your issue fails to arrivenor is badly damaged in transit, send us the datenof the issue and we will rush you a substitute.nMoving to a New Address Let us knownyour new address as early as possible and wenwill update your subscription file accordingly.nPlease allow 4 weeks for the address change.nSubscriber Service AddressnPlease mail all correspondence about yournsubscription to: Chronicles P.O. Box 800nMt. Morris, IL 61054nFor Immediate Service call toll-free:n1-800-435-0715nIllinois Residents: 1-800-892-0753nOn the CovernIllustration on the cover by Joel Smithnand throughout the text by KrystynanJachwiewicz-Zarebski.nMAY 1988 I 5n