40 / CHRONICLESnpriests were a novelty at the time.n(Bishop Moore always has been anshow-off.) Since then, other bishopsnhave more or less knowingly ordainednboth male and female homosexuals,nand for the time being it seems to benup to individual diocesans—a sort ofnecclesiastical local option.nNow, I yield to no one in mynadmiration for states’ rights, a principlenthat often makes for sensible politicsn(as I keep saying about abortionnlaw). But it does duck the question ofnOn ‘Straw Mennand Ideologues’nThe review of Kenneth Minogue’snAlien Powers in the April issue was sondifferent from the one I submitted thatnit should not have carried my by-line.nThe printed version has me sayingnthat Minogue “virtually ignores” thenworks of five authors. That impliesnthat he did use them but not enough tonmatter. My criticism was more severe;nthat he did not use a whole genre ofnrelevant works at all. To illustrate, Innamed nine works by six authors,nnone of which he cited but that overlappednhis themes far more than didnsome works that he did cite. Thisnselective citation enabled Minogue tonclaim too much originality for hisnbook. Furthermore, of those ninenworks not cited by Minogue, the onlynone named in the printed version ofnthe review is a book of mine; this givesnthe reader the impression that I considernit more important and more germanenthan any other. I do not. Finally,nimmediately following the criticismnof the author^s nonuse of closely relatednworks, my own review offered anotherncriticism entirely omitted in thenprinted version. It concerned Minogue’snmisstatements of the contentsnand relevance of books by Robertnright and wrong. Governments ducknthat question all the time, and oftennshould, but it’s an awkward habit fornchurches to get into. Realizing this,nperhaps, our new Presiding Bishop hasnsaid that homosexuals should haven”access to the ordination process,”nwhich may or may not mean —nnobody seems to know — that theynshould be ordained.nOf course, in the nature of things,nthere have always been homosexualnpriests, but they haven’t gone aroundnPOLEMICS & EXCHANGESnTucker and Lewis Feuer. This criticismnreinforced the preceding one:nThe first showed nonuse, the secondnshowed misuse, of other scholars’nworks.n—Aileen S. KraditornWellesley, MassachusettsnOn McCarthy, Pronand ConnI greatly enjoyed the brilliant defensenof Joseph R. McCarthy by Samuel T.nFrancis {Chronicles, September 1986).nMay I add one name to the list ofnCommunists uncovered by the latenSenator — Major Irving Peress, thenArmy dentist who was promoted afternhe had invoked the Fifth Amendmentnabout his membership in subversivenactivities. It was the McCarthy Committeenthat brought to light the Army’sngross dereliction.nPeress was honorably dischargednfrom the Army in February of 1954,ndespite Senator McCarthy’s demandnthat the dentist be court-martialed forninvoking the Fifth Amendment beforenthe McCarthy Committee when henwas asked about his Communist con­nnnforming caucuses and demanding tonbe heard — and heard, and heard.nWill the Love That Won’t Shut Upnnow come to figure as prominently innthe politics of the Episcopal Church asnin those of the Democratic Party? Howncould I leave a church where thatnquestion remains unresolved?nJohn Shelton Reed is a failed Sundayschoolnteacher at the Chapel ofnthe Cross in Chapel Hill, North Carolina. nnections.nBut, as Lionel Lokos pointed out innhis book Who Promoted Peress (NewnYork: The Bookmailer, 1961), “Followingnthe Peress Case, the Army practicallynrebuilt its security program fromnthe ground up. . . .n—William Francis FreehoffnKingsport, TennesseenGod Bless Samuel T. Francis!nI state, unequivocally, that he hasnwritten the most succinct analysis ofnthe whole gory, dripping mess whichnJoe McCarthy was able to “communicatento the average American” in hisnarticle in the September 1986 issue ofnChronicles.nI suspect that should any of then”liberal elite” chance to read his mostnexcellent article, Mr. Francis will be asnvilified as Joe McCarthy.nI burn my candles for Mr. McCarthynand, like Mr. Francis, I’d rathernstand beside him when the big book’snclosed than by those others who havenwillfully sold their brethren down thenriver.nFor years before Mr. McCarthynopened his mouth in West Virginia,nmy wife and I, while raising five children,nspent time and money striving tonawaken our fellow Americans to then