About the Chronicles of Culturen”… Rockford College is not your ordinary midwestern college. Itnpublishes something called Chronicles of Culture, and by rare lucknI have come upon [it]. . .”n—Richard Gordon, The Cincinnati Postn”In its brief existence Chronicles of Culture has rapidly crystallizedninto a strikingly attractive little journal, typographically pleasing,nand entirely free of ‘padding.’n”These materials would be wonderfully useful for subversivenpurposes. For example, they could be left behind, like miniaturenincendiary devices, in the faculty lounge of every college and highnschool in the country.”n— Human EventsnThe Rockford College Institutenwas founded on the premise that the continued existence of the Americanncivilization—framed by the Constitution and shaped by constructive forcesnof the last two centuries—is at issue on the battlefields of culture. Culture,nthose currents of thought and arts that form emotions, preoccupations,ninterests and taste, already determines, even manipulates, politics andneconomy.nThe fundamental institutions of the American ethos—individual liberty,nprivate enterprise, social compromise, upward mobility and civic responsibility—arenunder attack, some on the verge of extinction. Americannpluralism, the key to this civilization’s most deeply rooted successes, isnundergoing an underhanded alteration.nThe Rockford College Institute challenges the reigning Liberal-CulturalnEstablishment by asking the crucial questions of our moral and ideologicalneverydayness. It attempts to provide the embattled American middle-classnwith a new force of cultural interpretations in the pages of its threenperiodicals:nThe Rockford Papers Chronicles of CulturenPersuasion At Worknnn^nChronicles of Cttlturen