ON THE ROCKFORD COLLEGE INSTITUTE’S PUBLICATIONSnIf you would like to read an opinion that is different from that of thenManhattan publishers, Los Angeles producers and San Francisconhedonists on:n— moral and existential responsibilitiesn— Vladimir Nabokov and William Faulknern—the quandaries of honest thinkingn— TV’s assault on human valuesn— the Liberal Culture’s trampling of American pluralismn—Madison Avenue’s sex limbon—politics, domestic and globaln— the enigmas of a booming civilizationn—patriotismn— intellectual itches called new trendsn— Shakespeare’s social sensitivitiesn—the pseudo-scholarly prevarication of TV talk show gurusn—ERA supporters’ argumentationn— neurosis touted as moral virtue by novelistsn—the big government decimation of civil libertiesnsuch is the substance dealt with by the authors presented by the RockfordnCollege Institute. We invite you to ask for back issues and to recommend ournpublications to your friends.nIf you want thoughtful commentary on:n— the New York Tiwei” hypocrisyn— Time’s sidesteppingn— Chicago Tribune’s ideological schizophrenia, officiallyncalled nonpartisanshipnyou will find them in The Rockford Papers, Chronicles of Culture andnPersuasion At Work.nIf you like to be confronted with views about:n—culturen—educationn— literaturen—economic systemsn—contemporary ideasndifferent from those of Ivy League orthodoxy, the New York Review of Booksnand the Liberal Establishment—the Rockford College Institute provides younwith a choice.nnnChronicles of Culturen