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Unsolicited manuscripts cannot bernreturned unless accompanied b- a self-addressedrnstamped emelcjpe.rnChroniclesrnVol.21, No. 10 October 1997rnPrinted m thcUnitcd Shitcs of .’XHK-IICMrnPOLEMICS & EXCHANGESrnOn WarrnChronicles is my favorite magazine, arnfact I register by resubscribing every yearrnand occasionally donating a few bucksrnto its fund drives, so I feel no guilt thatrnmy first comments to its editors arernharsh.rn”Don’t Feed the War Machine” by BillrnKauffman (August) is nothing but babble.rnMr. Kauffman is sliding fast from anrnhonorable “America First” attituderndown to a ridiculous one that blamesrnAmerica first and alv’ays. It would be arnwaste of time to attack any of the pointsrnhe makes in his article because thosernpoints add up to nothing but the factrnthat he despises most of the men whornhave been President of the United Statesrnor worn the stars of a general in its army.rnFor all of Mr. Kauffman’s bitternessrnthat the United States fought in WorldrnWar II, the Japanese did bomb Pearl Harbor,rna savage sneak attack they did notrnhave to carry out, no matter what PresidentrnRoosevelt did. The Japanese couldrnhave given up the business of invadingrnother countries and butchering the conqueredrnby following Mr. Kauffman’s advicernfor the good life: mind their ownrndamn business by raising families andrnparticipating in the life of a small andrnvital community.rnFrom his sarcasm toward GeneralrnGrant and his quoting of Paul Fussell,rnthe reader gets the sense that Mr. Kauffmanrnconsiders our military men tornbe the killers of their own troops. Whatrnnonsense. You don’t have to like warrnto understand that men must facerndeath when one is fought. DouglasrnMacArthur, Mark Clark, and GeorgernPatton no more used their men for cannonrnfodder than George Washington orrnAndrew Jackson did. They fought thernwar the best way they could. Of course,rnTruman ordered two atomic explosionsrnin Japanese cities to avoid the deaths ofrnour troops, but Mr. Kauffman is notrnpleased with that cither.rnParticipating in the life of a smallrncommunity produces a lot of good people.rnNow and then, it comes up with arnprime fool.rn—Larry EasonrnBelleville, ILrnMr. Kauffman Replies:rnPeace and love, Mr. Eason. It’s veryrnbrave of you to “face death” on behalf ofrnthe hundreds of thousands of Americanrnmen who were stolen from their familiesrnand hometowns and sacrificed at the altarrnof the un-American Empire—you’rerna real he-man, in the best traditionrnof McGeorge Bundy, Tom Clancy, andrnthe authoress of that moronic phrase,rn”Blame America First.” By the way, Irnfind at least something to like in most ofrnour pre-FDR Presidents. I love my country;rnI love the Old Republic; foreign warsrnare the enemy of both. Belleville or thernEmpire, Mr. Eason; you can have one orrnthe other. Betray vour town if you wish,rnbut don’t lecture me on patriotism,rnand don’t use mv flag to shroud thernvaporized children of Hiroshima andrnNagasaki.rnOn Public HousingrnSteven Greenhut is as careless with factsrnin his August “Letter From Lima: HUDrnStrikes Again” as he is in his colorful editorialsrnabout us in the Lima News. Nearlyrnone-fourth of Lima’s population livesrnin poverty, and over 2,000 people havernbeen on our waiting list for more thanrntwo vears. So how could 28 new affordablernhousing units in a decaying economyrnadd “insult to injury,” regardless ofrntheir architectural style? Yet Greenhutrnboasts, “I’m more concerned, however,rnabout who lives inside the houses.” Hernposes as a hero courageously defendingrnus against “welfare moms” and “arrogant”rnbureaucrats. Evidently he has notrnmet any of the working families strugglingrnto make ends meet on six-dollarrnper hour jobs or senior citizens and therndisabled living on fixed incomes.rnClearly thinking he is an expert aboutrnour town after only a two-year residencyrnin Lima, Greenhut inaccurately statesrnthat “scores of ranch houses” have beenrnbuilt. That was over ten years ago, andrnthe number was two score and 16. Thernbalance of public housing consists ofrnexisting housing that has been rehabilitated.rn4/CHRONICLESrnrnrn