That is why groups like the United States Taxpayers Partyrnrepresent praiseworthy pioneer efforts to give authentic conservativesrnsomeone to vote for besides whomever NortheasternrnRockefeller interests choose to serve up. Another alternativernmight be the Constitution Party being formed by movie producerrnAaron Russo (1590 Lindacrest Dr., Beverly Hills, Californiarn90210), which promises libertarianism without the baggage.rnThis is probably just the beginning of what will becomernavailable as we approach the 1996 presidential election.rnThird-party organizing would seem to make sense rightrnnow. It might be especially successful in the South. Thoughrnthe region holds the largest conservative voting bloc in therncountry, some people in the Deep South will never support arnRepublican candidate under any circumstances. Pollstersrnsometimes attribute this to generational gratitude towardrnFranklin Roosevelt, but, in fact, memories go back further. ThernRepublicans will never be forgiven for the crimes of Reconstruction,rnthat barbarous decade which no one else in the nationrnremembers and which, in the South, is only spoken aboutrnin hushed and angry tones.rnWhere is the party that represents the South’s interests as arnregion? Where are the famed fire-eaters of yesteryear, thernRebels admired by all of 19th-century Christendom? Thernold-timey States Rights Party of Georgia does not even fieldrncandidates anymore. As it stands. Southern nationalists, whornincrease every time a battle flag is torn down, lack a party vehiclernof any sort. The South needs a party devoted to one end:rnthrowing off the yoke of northern oppression. This party couldrnpoint out that Washington treats the South as a conquered nation:rnthe Justice Department “investigates” every minor socialrndisturbance from Ovett, Mississippi, to Wedowee, Alabama.rnTrends suggest our future lies with political parties with anrnanti-Washington regional focus. We need, for example, arnParty of the West to counter the two parties of the Northeast.rnHow wonderful to see national debates between six candidates,rntwo representing D.C. and four representing various regions.rnIf only 9 percent of the public thinks D.C. can solve ourrnsocial problems, there is no reason to swear allegiance to therncentral state as if we were in a world war. Whatever your politics,rnit is better to fight it out on the state and local levels thanrnto send taxes to Capitol Hill.rnOur two parties are a tax-gouging cartel. How nice if theyrnwould disappear, to be replaced by honestly named parties, includingrnthe America First Party, the Southern League, thernWestern Independence Party, and the Property Rights Party.rnThen we could see how many people would vote for thernForeign Aid Party or the GATT Party. In this field, even partisansrnof the Articles of Confederation could get another crackrnat it.rnSHOULD CONSERVATIVES LEAVE THE REPUBLICAN PARTY?rnI hi.-. [Tovocative topic was debatedrnliy political strategists Howardrnrtiillips and David Keene and is nowrnivailable both on video and audiorntapes. The June 3rd issue of/fwffjanrn/ vents carried lengthy excerptsrnof this charged event. But here’srnan opportunity to receive a morerncomplete rendering of the argu i UL ni srnalong with the introductum InrnMichael Warder of The Rcv-kioulrnInstitute, host of the event. 1 hi. tnsirnfor the video, including pn^i iji.rnand handling, is $24.95, whil<- thi.rnaudio is $9.95. You may oulLr hrncalling …rn1-800-383-0681rnand using your Master or Visa card. You may also send your payment or credit card information with the order form belowrnOh.rnQty.rnI I Payment enclosed.rnCird numberrnD Video ($24.95) Shipping & handling included.rnn Audio ($9.95) Shipping & handling included.rnPlease charge my: D Visa • MastercardrnExp. l_rn , irnAddressrnI he Ki>i.k/«ii.i iii^iiiuic • 934 J IH? 7iihJrnNOVEMBER 1994/25rnrnrn