“For intellectual and spiritual supportnand reinforcement, parents will want to readnTHE FAMILYn^i^ytmericas—n-H.IROLDM-nVOTII-nJAMESnHm:H(:ocKnA M E R I C A ‘ S H O P En…it will lift your spirits and strenjjthen your determination to fulfill the role you andnGod have undertaken toj^ether: that of beinjj the best parents you can possibly be innspite of those who would destroy the foundation of Western civilization.”nI’liis book is dcsisnod to he of assist;mi i- to piut’iits.nt(‘ach(?rs, counselors, clergy. l(<4isliitors, social si>rvi(t;naj^oncy perscinnel, und others whoso n^sponsihliitiesndft’ecl the well-beinj> of the luniily.nI-lniinent spokesmen for the fumil review thenprimary functions of the family, examine eircumstaneesnwhich inhibit tfiose functions, [)ropose some actions forncounteracting antifamiiy influences, and consider somenoi the ways in which reli;,;ion ma^ mon* effectivelynsupport the family.n• ‘”Ihe American KaTnily, an I’.mbattled Institution,” bynMichael Novak, author and resident scholar at thenAmerican linterjirise Instituten• “Ihe Kole ol the family in Nurlurin;^ thc> Child lornRosponsil)le .Adulthood,” by Harold M. ^jth, .M.D.,nsenior [jsyc fiiatrist and ])syi-hoanalyst at the Menniii’^ernfoundationn• “‘I’he Family as a Stabili/.inj} force in the Lite ol JLUnAdult.” by James Hitchcock, (latholic social critic andnprofessor of history .it St. Louis Lniversityn• ‘Modern Culture and the .Norms for IntimatenRelationships,” by the late; Leopold Tyrmand. formernvice president ol The Kocktord Instituten—The Harhani M. Morris Reportn• •Relif.^ion in Support oi the family—A fcivialin(‘•ommcuttiry:’ by Mayer f isenstein, M.I)., a ChicajJon[ihysician. vie e c hairman of the .American (;()llej.;e ofnHome- Obstetrics, and on the Council lor Jewish f’lderl^n• “Religion in Support ol the family—.A CathuHvnVomnwnlary” by Archbishop Nic holas T. l!lko, Vicarn(jeni;ral ol the Archdioc ese ot Cine irmatin• “4 Saintsn• “Reli;.jion in Support ot the family A l^otfstanlnCommcntiiiy” by Harold ().|. Urown, chairman otnthe department of tJieolo.’^y at Trinity Kan;.;elicalnDivinity Schooln• “Upholdinj;the I’rincifilesot family Solidarity in annAdversary Cultiu’e,” !)> lohn A. Howard, presideni ofnThe Ko( klord Instituten$4.00 (S2..’>() eac h, 10 or more)nPublished by The Koc klord InstitutenTHE FAMILY: AMERICA’S HOPEnORDER FORMnn Please send mencopy(s) of The Family: America’s Hopenat $4.00 plus 50