signified, aggressor and vietim, ethnie cleanser and ethnicallyrncleansed, eventnally eliminates the creator and—nltimately—rnthe subject, leaving nothing but the subject’s “signature,” in thernform of bomb craters if need be.rnThis is the “culture” of the artificial world, of post-historical,rntechnological man who has lost his bond with nature, surroundedrnby artificial reality and permeated by it. The “Jamies”rnof this world arc literally beyond conscience, and in case of arnhitch, paid professionals arc there to release them from the burdenrnof moral choices.rnThis is manifested in foreign affairs in the obliteration of thernethnic identity of peoples, tiieir special color and unic|ucncss,rnin the loss of diversity of social evolution that goes with the diminishingrndiversity of nature. A crude Gleichschaltung is performedrnunder the ideology of universal human values, of a homogenizedrn”cidturc” for the whole world. As befits thernpostmodern world, the proponents of “diversity” are in fact promotingrnits exact opposite: social-technological monism.rnThe destroyers of human culture are emboldened by demographicrntrends on both sides of the northern Atlantic. They believernthat the seemingly obvious futilit}’ of resistance will forcernthe remaining atavistic humans everywhere — especially inrnAmerica’s hcartiand—to accept the inevitable and merge withrntiic post-humans through spiritual and ph)’sical degenerationrnand loss of cultural identity. I’hey are in hot pursuit of globalrnpower for its own sake —that Great Temptation and path ofrnruin that winds from the Persian King of Kings to Hitler. Theyrnlike die fact that most of our fellow citizens, steeped in staternschool-induced amnesia and ignorance, have never heard ofrnthe former and have only the foggiest of notions about the latter.rnThey hope and trust that nobody will listen when we warnrnthat our rulers are doing all over the world today what Athensrndid in Greece after leading the Hellenic coalition against Persia:rntrying to turn leadership into hegemony, i’he result was destructionrnof Hellas as a political and military factor for all time,rnand America will just as surely be destroyed if its rulers are allowedrnto proceed witii their mad quest for the Weltmacht. Butrnour foreign-policy elites—poorly educated, rootiess, arrogant,rninimical to traditional values and morals, cynically manipulative,rnand ultimately criminal—are tipsy on their brew of “benevolentrnglobal hegemony” and march boldly on. Their co-conspiratorsrnin the courtier press and the new academia are callingrnit a pilgrimage. Bosnia was tiie litmus test, and they claim itrnworked. Kosovo was a well-rehearsed sequel.rnWith each new murder that the post-humans commitrnabroad, the task of resistance at home becomes more difficult.rnBut there are many atavistic holdovers from the human pastrnwho will refuse to believe that the outcome is preordained. Thernstruggle of real people for survival is natural and inevitable andrngood—even if the outcome is far from certain. We may disappear,rnbut we will not cease to hold on to life and beauty andrntruth.rnThe Serbs may be the first to perish, but the best among themrnwill not despair. They remeirrber, from that first Battle of Kosovornin 1389, that the world is a cosmos ruled by God, not chaosrnruled by men (even those of the post-human variety). If theirrnlonely suffering prods or shames others into struggle for survival,rntheir Galvary will not have been in vain. ‘I’he path of survivalrnthus starts with understanding that the bell tolls not just for thernSerbs: It tolls for all of us. ^rn•: MAIN STREET SrnTHE MAIN STREET SPEAKERS BUREAUrn/narcho-Tyranny, the Balkans, Bullfighting,rnCrime, the Cidture War, Defense, Education,rnFederalism, Fertility, Gambling, Greek, Guns,rnHomo Economicus, Immigration, the InterstaternHighway System, Islam, Judicial Tyranny, Kosovo,rnLatin, Lyric Poetry, Marriage and Family, MiddlernAmerican Rebels, Nationalism, the Old West,rnPolitics, Private Justice, Quantum Mechanics,rnRevenge, School Consolidation, Subsidiarity,rnthe Tenth Amendment, Trade, the UnitedrnNations, Vouchers, Welfare, the X-Files, Yugoslavia,rnoning . . . zrnIs there anything Chronicles editors can’t speak on?rn(Okay, we’re still looking for a pliy.sicist.)rnpicte list ot speakeirnaron o l f at (SI 5rn18/CHRONICLESrnrnrn