From the perspective of the v’orldviewrnand materia] interests of the rnling class,rnof comse, that message makes sense.rnThe Constitution, after all, is an 18thcentnryrndocimient reflecting the beliefsrnand interests of a long-defunct agrarianrnand mercantile ruling class and societ}’,rnwhile mass immigration and the kind ofrnsocieh’ it shapes reflect the modern, postindustrial,rnglobalist regime that breaksrndown all such distinctions and barriers —rnbetween nations, crfltures, races, and religionsrnflicmseU’es. The New World eliterncan easily get along without the Constituhonrnand those pestilent rights it sets up,rnbut it has to have immigration —not onlyrnfor cheap labor but as a cultural batteringrnram to knock down the barriers that separaterngroup identities and limit its powerrnand reach. Bit the problem (one problem,rnat least; there are several other problemsrnas well) is that the immigrants inrngeneral —and die terrorists of last Septemberrnin particrdar—insist on keepingrnthose barriers intact.rnWhat soon emerged about the hijackersrnof the planes that smashed into thernWorld Trade Center and the Pentagonrnmade confetti out of flie foolish vacuitiesrnabout a “credal nation” and a “propositionrncountn” fliat pro-immigration ideologuesrnhae been bandviug about for decades.rnThe 19 hijackers came to this country,rnli”ed in it for some years, went to schoolrnhere, mastered Western technical skillsrn(such as flying jetliners), spoke English,rnhad families, got drunk in bars, joined athleticrnclubs, ogled girls in swimming pools,rnand behaved in superficial ways exactlyrnlike flic Americans they pretended to be.rntil fact, they hated every man, woman, andrnchild they laid eyes on; tiicy hated them,rnin some cases, for years; and they werernw illing and eager to die to satisfy theirrnhate. There was never any c|uestion of assimilation.rnWliatever “creeds” or “propositions”rnflic assented to were not ones thatrndefined fliis country or ones that most citizensrnof fliis country would even recognize.rnThe hijackers were, and remained, enemiesrnof rile West.rnThe attack they perpetrated representedrnthe first time in centuries that non-rnWestern enemies hae been able to inflictrnsignificant damage within the Westrnitself For more than a century, the Westernrnpeoples hae been in retreat from thernglobal imperium the’ created betweenrnthe disco cry of the New World andrnWorld War I;’and in the 196()’s and 70’s,rnterrorists wifliin Western states, acting asrnsurrogates for anti-Western forces underrnthe slogans of “anti-imperialism,” managedrnto set off a few pipe bombs and occasionallyrnknock off a politician. But notrnuntil this September have non-Westernrnagents of non-Western forces been ablernto inflict major lethal damage within thernmain citadels of the West itself Wliateverrnthe contributions of the pro-Zionistrnand often murderous foreign policy ofrnthe United States against various MiddlernEastern states in the last decade, thernworld-historical clash of races and civilizationsrnimderlies the most recent attackrn—which is why allowing immigrationrnon the scale we have permitted isrnsuicidal folly.rnIndeed, the hijackers represent preciselyrnwhat Thomas Jefferson was talkingrnabout with respect to the dangers of immigrationrnin his Notes on the State of Virginia.rn”The}’ [immigrants, mainly Europeanrnin Jefferson’s mind] will bring withrnflieni the principles of the governmentsrntlie’ leave,” he warned,rnor if able to throw them off, it wfllrnbe in exchange for an unboundedrnlicentiousness, passing, as usual,rnfrom one extreme to the other. Itrnwould be a miracle were they tornstop precisely at the point of temperaternlibert}-.rnNot the least of the problems of mass immigrationrnis that the “principles of therngovernments they leave” will travel withrnthe immigrants, along with the ancientrnfeuds and hatreds those principles imply.rnThe results are bad enough when onernalien population fragment imports its beliefsrnand hatreds; when several do—fromrnthe Middle East, Africa, Latin America,rnnot to mention Europe itself—the resultrnwill be chaos.rnIt is perfectiy true, as the President andrnvarious other wise persons kept telling usrnafter the attacks, that not all Muslims andrnnot all Arabs are terrorists or haters ofrnAmerica and the West. But—once againrn— the point is not about “most” of an’-rnthing. The point also is that some are terroristsrnand haters, and “some”—as few asrn19 —can bring the most powerful nationstaternon Earth virtually to its knees. Ifrnthese men were cowards, it is just as wellrnthe heroes have not yet been deployed. Arnrelated point is that the presence within arnWestern nation of an alien subcidturerncreates an alternative social structure inrnwhich terrorists can operate virtually undetected,rnand it recreates the same culturalrnsoil from which flic fanaticism, hatred,rnand terrorism sprouted in the firstrnplace. It is perfectiy true that most Mushmsrnand most Arabs are not terrorists, butrnthroughout Muslim history, from MarcornPolo’s Old Man of flie Mountains to thernpresent day, the use of the assassin’s artsrnas regular modes of war has been commonplace.rnTo grasp the relationship between thernterrorist attacks in September on the onernhand and mass immigration on the other,rnand to understand the absolute refusalrnof the American and Atianfic ruling classrnto confront the relationship and to acceptrnsome restrictions on immigration, is arngood deal more frightening than anythingrnthat happened in or after the attacksrnthemselves. What the relationshiprnmeans is that the terrorist enemy is alreadyrnwithin the gates, and those whornhave appointed themselves guardians ofrnthe gates do not have a clue — not onlyrnaboit how to respond, but even that anythingrnis wrong. Bombing “trainingrncamps” in Afghanistan, assassinating supposedrnterrorist “operatives,” declaringrnwar against somebody or something orrneverybody and everything, curtailing civilrnliberties, spending more millions onrndefense, and “unleashing” the CIA andrnthe Special Forces will accomplish absolutelyrnnothing if an internal subculturerncapable of breeding more terrorism withinrnthe belly of the beast is not eradicated.rnWhat is even more alarming is that,rnnot only does the riding class have nornclue to the danger it has allowed andrneven encouraged to blossom under itsrnown nose, but it is incapable of perceivingrnthe danger. Because its structural interestsrnbind it to an open-borders immigrationrnpolicy, to the erosion of nationalrnsovereignty and of independence andrneventually of the nation-state itself, and tornthe managed destruction of all distinctivernnational and cultural identities, it is unablernto see that the dynamic of its own interestsrnleads logically to nursing the vipersrnwho will destroy the ruling class itself asrnwell as the society it is supposed to rule. Ifrnwhat remains of the real West—not flicrnhegemonic system of reward and forcernthat the World Trade Center and thernPentagon symbolize, but the Westernrnpeoples who still adhere to their real civilization-rnwishes to survive, it has to recognizernthat it cannot do so under thernleadership of the New World elite. ThernWest can survive only if that elite is removedrnfrom its hegemony and a new rulingrnclass, rooted in and loyal to our realrncivilization, replaces it. crnDECEMBER 2001/35rnrnrn