interests. While the religious right is effectivelyrnarmed with an ideology and arnworldview that enhances its militancy, itsrnenergy in mounting effective politicalrnand cultural opposition at the local level,rnand its alienation from the dominantrnelite and the elite’s regime in thernleviathan state, the movement’s aims remainrntoo limited. The real problem withrnthe religious right is that, in the longrnrun, its religious vehicle will not carry itrnhome. If they ever ended abortion, restoredrnschool prayer, outlawed sodomy,rnand banned pornography, I suspect mostrnof its followers would simply declare victoryrnand retire. But having accomplishedrnall of that, the Christian right wouldrnhave done absolutely nothing to striprnthe federal government of the power itrnhas seized throughout this century, restorerna proper understanding and enforcementrnof the Constitution and ofrnrepublican government, prevent the inundationrnof the country by anti-Westernrnimmigrants, stop the cultural and racialrndispossession of the historic Americanrnpeople, or resist the absorption of thernAmerican nation into a multiculturalrnand multiracial globalist regime. Indeed,rnthe Christian Right for the most partrndoes not care about these issues or evenrnperceive them as issues, and insofar as itrndoes, it often lines up on the wrong sidernof them.rnYet these are the principal lines ofrnconflict in the Middle American Revolution,rnand it is by winning on them,rnrather than on school prayer and creationism,rnthat Middle American interestsrnwill be served and the incumbentrnruling class and its power apparatus willrnbe overthrown. While the purely religiousrnperspective of the Christian Rightrnhelps to radicalize it more than anticommunism,rnlibertarianism, or otherrnand older ideologies of the right did, itrnalso narrows the vision of what really demandsrna challenge from the right—therndomination by a hostile ruling class thatrnuses state power to entrench itself and tornwreck the country, the culture, and thernmiddle class as well. Thus, the religiousrnorientation of the Christian Right servesrnto create what Marxists like to call arn”false consciousness” for Middle Americans,rnan ideology that appeals to andrnmobilizes a sociopolitical class but whichrndoes not accurately codify the interestsrnand needs of the class and in the end onlyrndeflects its political action and worksrnto buttress and reinforce the dominantrnregime.rnWhat is needed now is not a vehiclernthat will trap the right into a large butrnlimited cultural and political ghetto butrnone that can steer it toward an authenticrnand serious understanding of the realrnneeds of the Middle Americans who arernattracted to the Christian Right as wellrnas others who are repelled by it but whornincreasingly perceive how they are exploitedrnand misruled by the elite. If arnmovement should appear that could articulaternthat kind of vision, religious orrnnot in focus, it could successfully mobilizernand lead the core of the nation andrnthe civilization as it needs to be andrnought to be led. rnLIBERAL ARTSrnLESBIAN AVENGERSrnAccording to the pMrupcan last August, a “girl gang” known a.s tlic Lesbianrn.’Vtngcrs protested the statue outside Buckingham Palace coniniemoratiugrnQueen Victoria, who, the Avengers Iwliewd, had nwer “acknowledged the existencernof lesbians.” Gathered around the statue, the Aengers “‘ate fire, bangedrndrums,” and waved placards conveying their disapproval. The European said thisrnWTis one of many “Cat-Woman like stunts [intended] to attract the media andrnforce socielv to recognisre tlieir status.”rn12/CHRONlCLESrnrnrn