are always boosting the very same diversificationrnof the Ameriean people andrnculture that the left finds so charming,rnand they do so essentially because theirrnmost influential spokesmen never reallyrnbroke with the ideological left at all.rnhi the absence of at least a real debaternabout immigration in place of the happyrnchatter and name-calling that neoconservativesrnprefer, there is not going to bernany political or legal control of immigration.rnE!ven now, when political figuresrnlike California’s Governor Pete Wilsonrnhave broached immigration as an issue,rnmost politicians are trying to appear torndo something about it while sedulouslyrnavoiding doing anything serious—exactlyrnwhat they are doing on crime as well.rnAs a result. Dr. Nelson argues, the Balkanizationrnof the United States is virtuallyrnunavoidable. He foresees an “overallrndrift… towards the extinction of Europeanrncivilization in large areas of America,rnfirst at a slow but steady rate, butrnthen at a rate steadily acceleratmg.” Thernpolitical dynamic by which the processrnwill occur is clear enough, as Americanrndemocracy will soonrnhave to be supplemented withrnnew concessions and adjustmentsrnto keep the elites of other groupsrnmore or less acquiescent. Affirmativernaction, “set-asides” forrnminority-owned businesses, andrnaffirmative gerrymandering willrnbe pursued as relentlessly as everrnand, perhaps, supplemented withrnsystems of weighted voting andrnmultiple voting so that minoritiesrnmay win greater representation inrnelective offices. Legislationrnagainst “hate crimes” may be supplementedrnby legislation againstrn”hate speech.” .. . The politicalrnsubjugation of European Americansrnwill become a reality in certainrnlimited areas of the country,rnmostly in the Southwest and thernSoutheast. In these areas, EuropeanrnAmericans will no longerrnbe able to elect officials above thernlocal level and will be forced torncast their votes for those non-rnEuropeans whom they believe tornbe most sensitive to their concerns.rnThe result of the Balkanization of thernUnited States will be “a melange of peoples,rnan America without Americans,rnwhich will be governable only throughrnthe adoption of the separatist mechanismsrndeveloped in Canada, Switzerland,rnand Belgium,” though whetherrneven these mechanisms will be possiblernis open to doubt as the ethnic-demographicrncomposition of the country beginsrnto shift to a non-European majorityrnby the middle of the next century. Bvrnthen, those descendants of “Old Stock”rnAmericans who have not fled to Europernwill all be playing or watching soccerrnmatches and screaming their passion forrnthe game like a buneh of Bolivians, andrnsome of them may even remember therngood old days when their forefathers stillrnhad their own country and had only tornworry about characters like O.J. Simpsonrnand Rodney King.rnTHE SOUTH WAS RIGHT!rnNEW! Second Edition by the Kennedy Brothers of Louisiana,rnPelican Fuhlishing Co* and Old South Books announce -rnTHE SOUTH W A S RIGHT! – 447 pages, 42 photographs, over 6OO footnotes, hardback.rnKEAO ABOUT;rn• SOUTHERN SLAVERY: The truth, not abolitionist lie$. Testimonies from slavesrnand Hack leaders who tell the truth about life in the Old South.rn• CULTURAL GENOCIDE} Why the victors of the War of Northern Aggressionrncontinue their attacks upon everything Southern.rnFirst 1,000 copies from 0»S.B. signed and numbered by authors.rn$22.50 plus $2.00 book rate, or $4»10 first class postage.rnOrder jrom and make check payable to:rnOld South Books, P.O. Box 46, Dept. CC-1, Simsboro, LA 71275rnAlso available from Old South Books: Rawle*s A View of thg Constitution.rn’Secession as Taught at West Point Academy/ $ 13.90 first class mail.rnSEPTEMBER 1994/11rnrnrn