games for a generation or more. As longrnas the interests of the managerial elites ofrncorporate capitalism and the megastaternare placed ahead of those of the core ofrnthe American nation, this conflict betweenrnthe interests of the elite and thosernof the Middle American core will persist,rnand only the displacement of the elite inrnboth the corporate economy and thernmegastate and of its structural interestsrnin the organizations of Leviathan Capitalismrnand the Leviathan State can resolvernthe conflict in favor of MiddlernAmericans.rnDecades ago, Joseph Schumpcterrnshowed how modern managerial capitalismrnsubverts the very cultural fabricrnthat produces it, and last August, in anrnarticle in Harper’s, David Rieff showedrnhow the real engine of the muchlamentedrn”multiculturalism” that nowrnsubverts Western and American civilizationrnin the nation’s schools and universitiesrnis driven by what he called “Multiculturalism’srnSilent Partner,” the “GlobalrnEconomy”:rnThe more one reads in academicrnmulticulturalist journals and inrnbusiness publications, and thernmore one contrasts the speechesrnof CEOs and the speeches ofrnnoted multiculturalist academics,rnthe more one is struck by the similaritiesrnin the way they view thernwodd. Ear from standing in implacablernintellectual opposition torneach other, both groups see thernsame racial and gender transformationsrnin the demographicrnmakeup of the United States andrnof the American workforce. Thatrnnon-white workers will be the keyrnto the 21 st century American laborrnmarket is a given in most sensiblernlong-range corporate plans.rnMr. Rieff’s article and the remarks ofrnAmerican corporate leaders quotedrnabove point toward another social andrnpolitical convergence that parallels thatrnof the Middle Americans of the anti-rnNAETA movement last fall. So far fromrnconstituting a culturally conservativernforce that works for the preservation ofrnthe nation and its demographic culturalrncore, the managerial regime and its eliternin state, economy, and culture are thernenemies of the nation and its people;rnmanagerial capitalism works to undermine,rnweaken, and destroy them, andrntherefore an alliance of managerial capitalismrnwith the multicultural and antinationalrnleft is natural and logical.rnIf that alliance includes the Clintonrnadministration as well as the globalistrnconservatism of Newt Gingrich, JackrnKemp, Ronald Reagan, Bob Dole, andrnPhil Gramm, it makes equal sense forrnthe Middle American foes of NAFTA tornmake their bed with a nationalist rightrnthat places little faith in the RepublicanrnParty and its tepid ideologies but constructsrna new political force founded onrnputting the interests of the Americanrnnation and the American people first.rnLast fall, these new alliances began tornemerge and to engage in the struggle forrnthe nation that their interests and aspirationsrncompel. If the banners theyrnwaved then seemed to bear strange devices,rnit may not be too long before thernarmies that march under them reshapernAmerican politics on the explicitly nationalistrnlines that the rest of the worldrnnow finds familiar.rn10/CHRONICLESrnrnrn